Academy LMS Certificate Addon


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Academy LMS Certificate Addon

Academy LMS Certificate Addon


This addon provides certificate to Academy Lms course students.
Students are required to complete 100% course progress to generate it’s certificate.
Certificate can be downloaded or showed online elsewhere for verification through a public url. tiktok watermark download video tiktok

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How it works

  • Academy lms should be pre-installed in your server
  • Purchase certificate addon for academy lms from codecanyon
  • Download and install the addon to your academy lms portal
  • Configure certificate text and background image
  • Student of a course needs to finish the course progress to generate certificate
  • After completion, student can download the certificate or show the certificate public url elsewhere

Academy LMS Certificate Addon - 1


Watch this addon demo by navigating to the link below:


Login as admin to configure the certificate settings.
- Admin email : [email protected]
- Admin password : 1234
Login as student and navigate to this course page to checkout certificate demo
- Student email : [email protected]
- Student password : 1234

Requirements :

  • Academy LMS pre installed in your web server.
  • Download academy here –
  • GD2 image processing library enabled in your web server
Firstname Lastname Age
Jill Smith 50
Eve Jackson 94

One of the important purposes of the LMS is to grant certificates to learners when they’ve completed the class. The document is ‘ attached ’ to this way. If the individual meets the standards they are sent that document. Easy! The LMS may still manage re-certification programs to automate the process year after year.

The LMS should allow you to provide credentials and certification courses that include mandatory and elective courses, required business education, tests, and external education. This LMS should help you determine and manage The programmes and their related care requirements—from having initial applications and tracking request.

Following steps toward securing LM training may  include developing the Certificate of competence in LM and progressing to innovation of board Certificate at LM, related to the way of growth of the American board of Obesity Medicine. We suggest that it is time to lay the foundation for the existence of the English committee of fashion Medicine, began by a large association of LM stakeholders and educators, that will eventually develop standardized, Sanctioned education that would include a combination of online and live education and judgement.uirements to delivering assessments and tests.

Simple LMS, with this school add-on, has allowed us to give education and assessments to over 200 specialists up to now, with the issue growing week to week. With that, our certification process has been granted official LIBF certification as the structure of teaching for specialist mortgages, something that we trust is not accessible anywhere else in the market.

LM medical training continues to change. The certificate of completion is presently being produced by the ACLM/ACPM.68 the ~30-hour online CME class aims to inform the rudiments of LM, including subjects within these areas of personal action and exercise, nutrition and food, caregiver health, And health work. Although these main audiences are practicing doctors, residents, and medical students, all health professionals might gain from the education.

While online professors often have the education methods outlined here, LMS developers make features frequently. Some new instruments help new methods of teaching. Professors will see LMS developers ’ official sites to track and see emerging capabilities, so evaluate their impact on student education. The assessment is another work simplified by online courseware.

The school has the vision to have Dragons to facilitate education and certification for users in the world. It would not take the regular education and certification racket that could turn out most of the world with higher fees, but rather leverage blockchain and cryptocurrency to recognize completion of coursework. The market experience is to offer a place for qualified developers, commerce, and other business vendors to provide their services. It’s also this area that any person of Dragonchain application may monetize utility smart contracts that they get made.


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