API Client



This is a class that you can’t miss in your developer toolbox. These days almost every website or application uses API’s to get or store data, and that’s were this class is created for. It helps you to communicate with all types of API’s. Even if you don’t have CURL on your server the class will fallback to an implementation that uses “fopen” without loosing any functionality. You will still be able to choose headers, request methods, timeouts and other settings.

To show you the power of this class I’ve created some example scripts that talk to some of the most popular API’s. Below you find a list of examples that are included:

  • Direct Admin
  • Envato
  • Freshbooks
  • PivotalTracker
  • WordPress
  • YouTube

Besides these examples I’ve also included some other examples to show you how to do a put request, use cookies, do a SSL request, upload files and use of basic authentication.

To get a better understanding of how to use this class you can take a look at the full documentation here.

Facebook Graph API example

For the people that want to use the Facebook Graph API . Here an example how to use it with my API Client class:

The example does two things:

  • Get first name, last name and birthday of the user
  • Get a list of likes

API Framework

If you not only want to use an API but you want to build your own then I advice you to take a look at my API Framework script. This script will help you to build your own API for your website/application or mobile app in no time.


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