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Arwell – Viral media, vine and gag script.

Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script.


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Welcome, this is Arwell.

Arwell is a 9gag like, viral media, gag and vine sharing application. It contains an extremely powerful and functional admin panel, where you can manage gags, categories, pages, widgets, users, comments and whole application.

Arwell is greatly documented and built on Laravel 4, Bootstrap 3, jQuery and SASS. It has facebook, twitter, pinterest and google plus share widgets, supports oAuth login, heavily ajax based, has realtime notifications system, and much more!

Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. - 1
Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. - 2
Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. - 3
Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. - 4
Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. - 5
Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. - 6
Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. - 7
Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. - 8
Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. - 9

Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. - 10

Not convinced? Look at those features, too.


Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. - 11

Extremely easy to install.

Upload your files, enter your admin credentials, click Install. Ta-da!

Over 10 different color choices.

You want to get more? No problem. Custom SASS file is provided. Edit as you like and go wild!

Heavily supports ajax.

Login, register, uploading, infinite scroll, notifications… They’re all ajax based!

Realtime notifications system.

Someone downvoted or replied to your gag? That’s bad, but you will get notified instantly!

Upvote/downvote gags.

Upvote funny gags, downvote others. Help quality gags reach the top page!

What is the funniest gags of the month? What is trending? Arwell shows you what you want to see.

Multilingual ready.

English and Turkish languages provided by default. You can also translate app into your prefered language yourself, easily.

oAuth support.

You’re a lover of Facebook connect? We’ve got you covered.

Automatic on demand.

Want to automatically accept user uploads, or comments? Or want to automatically add watermarks to all uploads? Not a problem. You can enable automatic or manual settings on Settings Management.

SEO friendly.

Custom keywords? Check. Different description for every page? Check. HTML5 tags? Check. Those are all automated, too!

Watermark support.

Worrying about someone stealing your hard work? Upload a watermark image and enable “Automatically add watermarks on uploads.” setting. Every image will contain your watermark.

Constantly updated.

We provide constant application updates. You can check changes on the changelog below.

Built with Laravel 4, Boostrap 3 and jQuery.

Sick of applications that constantly slow down, act buggy, looks outdated and insecure?

Worry not. Arwell uses most of the best software development practices, fully tested, fully documented, uses proven libraries, extremely secure and works on all modern browsers/devices properly.

Sounds good? Check what kind of functionality Arwell offers for you.

Admin features

– Admin can install Arwell using Installer.
– Admin can update Arwell using Updater.
– Admin can manage Gags.
– Admin can manage Categories.
– Admin can manage Pages. (ability to create unlimited HTML pages)
– Admin can manage Widgets. (Supports HTML, Flash, even Adsense and more.)
– Admin can manage Users.
– Admin can manage Comments.
– Admin can manage Contact.
– Admin can manage Settings. Settings has alot of features, like: “auto approve comments”, “auto approve gags”,” change facebook like url”, “change logo”, “automatic watermarks”, “Google analytics code”, much, much more!

User Features

– Users can upload gags. (Image, gif, vine, or video from youtube/
– Users can get realtime notifications.
– Users has a profile page, where they can change their account settings.
– Users has a public profile page, where others can see information about them.

Loving it? Why don’t you test Arwell… yourself?

Arwell Demo

Username: admin
Password: adminadmin

Arwell Documentation

Comment about it.

If you have a bug report or an improvement idea, feel free to comment about it. (also I would appreciate if you have time to review or 5 star the application too!)


Arwell requires:

– PHP 5.4.0 and above
(pre 1.4.1 requires PHP 5.3.7)
– PHP GD Extension
– PHP FileInfo Extension
– PHP Bcrypt Extension (comes builtin if you use PHP 5.3.7 and above)
– A database present
– Apache mod_rewrite module

to run properly. Those can be found in any modern web hosting company.


Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. - 12


Version 1.6.3 – 19.07.2016

Fixed a crash on gags.credits column on cutting edge versions of MySQL.
Sidebar Enhancements plugin now has a basic admin page indicating there is no options you can change instead of redirecting to a 404 Not Found page.

Version 1.6.2 – 31.05.2016

Fixed a crash on Facebook Connect feature.

Version 1.6.1 – 07.10.2015

Fixed a crash in Admin Gag Management page.

Version 1.6 – 02.10.2015

Fixed alot of reported bugs, especially Facebook ones.
Added sidebar enhancements plugin for free! It will make your sidebar even better
There is no longer an unique check for gag titles.
URL structure changed slightly.
Meme Generator plugin has been put for sale, and currently supported by this version.
Facebook API has been made 2.0 compliant.
Users will be prompted to pick an username if Facebook doesn't provide an email.
A bug which affected Turkish language has been fixed.
All the underlying packages has been updated to latest versions.

Version 1.5 – 30.04.2015 (dc2d205)

Fixed alot of reported bugs.
Removed catpcha feature.
Added a plugin system. We will soon be sharing free and paid plugins!
Structural changes within application.
Admin panel now has a section specialized for pluins.
You can install/uninstall plugins.

Version 1.4.2 – 23.11.2014 (branch release-1.4.2 final)

Fixed some bugs related to installation.
Made images to resize when uploaded.

Version 1.4.1 – 29.10.2014 (branch release-1.4 final)

Bugfix: Fixed some bugs related to IE 11.
Enhancement: Laravel version updated from 4.0 to 4.2.
Misc: As a result of this version change, PHP requirement increased to PHP 5.4
New feature: Added pace.js, which will show loading icon at top right of your website.
Misc: You can now see sass and js files in __dev folder.
Enhancement: Javascripts are minified for increased performance.
Bugfix: "No gag is found." messages no longer appear.
Enhancement: Localizations now translated "hour ago" messages properly in non-english languages.
Misc: Documentation has been updated to reflect changes.

Version 1.4 – 14.07.2014 (update: c809db9)

New feature: Turkish (Türkçe) is now an officially supported language.
New feature: Admins can now set default theme using Settings Management.
New feature: Added "Next" button to gags.
Improvement: Themes will now appear as multilingual.
Improvement: Admin panel is now multilingual. So far, we support English and Turkish.
Improvement: User management now show registration type.
Bugfix: Banned users may no longer login using Facebook oAuth.
Bugfix: Improved Facebook oAuth, as some users were previously experiencing issues with Facebook not returning usernames.
Bugfix: Deleted gags will no longer leave trash data (e.g notifications) behind themself.
Bugfix: Pinterest button now works properly.
Misc: Documentation has been updated to reflect changes.

Version 1.3 – 09.04.2014 (update: 97cd7bc)

New feature: Hot, Top, Trending and Fresh algorithms has been added.
Top: Loads most liked gags of all time.
Hot: Loads most liked gags of this month.
Trending: Loads most liked gags of this week.
Fresh: Loads gags in ascending order they were added.
New feature: If there are more than 4 categories, they will be visible under "More" dropdown.
Improvement: Contact page has been removed from navigation. It is moved to "Pages" widget.
New feature: Gags now can be made approved or disapproved on Gag Management.
New feature: Approving a gag makes the gag visible to everyone, disapprove does the opposite.
Improvement: Gag Management section buttons looks slightly better and smaller now.
New feature: Ajax state has been added to buttons. Users will get "Loading..." message when there is a task running on background. (such as upload)
New feature: Optional "credits" section has been added to Gag uploads. (Some people needed this for legal/ethic purposes.)
New feature: Gag dates are now visible on the section below gag title.
Bugfix: Gifs can now be paused properly.
Bugfix: A small bug related to watermarks has been fixed. Now they properly be attached to all images.
Bugfix: A small bug related to wrong URL on notifications has been fixed.
Bugfix: A small bug related which caused an exception when users clicked upload without selecting an image has been fixed.
Bugfix: A small bug related to updating has been fixed. (It was nothing important)
Misc: custom.js has been renamed to app.js
Misc: Some typos has been corrected on the admin panel.
Misc: Continuted to work on improving application architecture. Soon, all of my projects will share the same functionality automatically, which means I can work much faster and you can get more stable applications/more updates at a higher speed.
Misc: Documentation has been updated to reflect changes.

Version 1.2 – 23.03.2014 (update: 4345d22)

- New feature: Watermark feature has been added. It automatically places your watermark image on image uploads.
- Admin can enable or disable watermark feature on Settings Management.
- Admin can change watermark image on Settings Management.
- Improvement: Settings Management has been updated.
- New feature: Widget Management has been added.
- Admin can create unlimited amount of widgets on the sidebar.
- Widgets can be used for anything, like Advertisements.
- Widgets support WYSIWYG editor, salt HTML, script, image uploads, gif uploads, SWF (Flash) uploads.
- New feature: Meta tags for seo has been updated. Now they will be different on every page.
- Improvement: Every library that application depends on has been updated to newest versions.
- Misc: Documentation has been updated to reflect changes.
- Bugfix: Some minor issues has been fixed on documentation.

Version 1.1 – 15.03.2014 (update: 3c33e99)

- Bugfix: Gags will no longer be visible if they are not approved by admin.
- Bugfix: Infinite scroll no longer loads same gags more than once.
- Bugfix: Gif and vine videos now properly work on category pages.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug related to wrong iframe and script usage on settings page.
- Bugfix: Website will no longer be blank if there is a missing script tag on Google Analytics code.
- New feature: Custom 404 page has been added. Design will be improved in next patch.
- New feature: Facebook login has been implemented using oAuth. We will be adding new oAuth providers in the future.
- Improvement: Added 1 second delay on infinite scroll feature on homepage.
- Improvement: Gif and vine play icons has been improved.
- Improvement: Avatar system has been improved. Now it supports Facebook avatars too.
- Improvement: Installer has been improved.
- Improvement: Installer will now regenerate application secret key. (security improvement)
- Improvement: Every library that application depends on has been updated to newest versions.
- Improvement: Updating has been improved. Now, all you need to do is to enter your admin panel and click on "Update application" button.
- Misc: Documentation has been updated to reflect changes.
- Misc: Custom SASS files are now available for technical people who want to customise the design themself.
- Misc: Documentation now shows you how to get your custom Facebook application.

Version 1.0 – 06.03.2014 (update: e31d60f)

- Initial release.

From Kastamonu (Turkey) with <3


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