Back-end Dashboard Generator

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Dashman is a PHP script that automatically generates a working admin dashboard from your database. Dashman will take care of backend stuff, so that you focus on building amazing apps.

  • Login Authentication
  • Quick Statistics on data
  • Data Graphs for relevant tables
  • Data tables with search & filters
  • Data CRUD functions with Batch editing
  • Image uploader with cropping feature
  • Foreign keys are respected
  • Form Validation
  • Customizable Settings
  • Easy Setup

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5+
  • MySQL



  • Secure authentication.
    Dashman has an inbuilt user authentication to connect to your database safely.
    No need to setup an account, just enter your database credentials to begin using Dashman.
  • Intiutive Dashboard.
    A dashboard is automatically generated depending on the database structure and the type of
    data in your database. Generating different card to show graphs, statistics, quick facts and info cards.
  • Data Mapping.
    Dashman analyzes and maintains the foreign key relationships between data objects and treats them as a single entity.
    for example a user management database will have a User entity that relates to Groups and Roles.
  • Smart Widgets.
    Dashman presents data in a beautiful and familiar way. Using images card or upload widgets
    for images, check boxes for option fields or formatting tables to display data correctly.
  • Form Validation.
    While adding or updating new data, Dashman ensures the data you enter is true and
    consistent by setting up validation rules based on your database constrains.
  • No generated code or tables.
    Dashman relies solely on your database and unlike most generator scripts,
    It does not add code files or change your database schema. This makes it perfect if you have limited privileges
    on a web server or you are concerned about security.


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