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Breaking News, Viral Lists, Awesome Polls and Popular Videos.
Buzzy brings all of these contents into one system.
Create beautiful viral websites like BuzzFeed with Buzzy!
You have advanced tools to do that.
With Great Post Editor, Powerful Admin Panel and Impressive Design. You will think big!

Get start to make great community with Buzzy.TODAY!



  1. PHP >= 5.6.4
  2. PDO PHP Extension
  3. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  4. Mbstring PHP Extension
  5. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  6. GD PHP Extension
  7. Fileinfo PHP Extension
  8. Zip PHP Extension


v3.0.0 – 24/08/19

  • Updated to Laravel 5.4 (Requires PHP >=5.6.4)
  • Embed & Video system reworked, Now supports more videos sites.
  • Upload system reworked. Now deleted, edited posts entries will remove images from server properly.
  • S3 system improved. Deleting, editing posts also remove images from S3 bucket.
  • S3 configuration now can be changed on admin panel.
  • Post-editing will not regenerate all images and entries, only changed and new entries will be saved (In old versions we have created the whole post again and it was caused duplicated upload & entries).
  • Post-editing will not regenerate pools, you will not lose votes
  • Post editor now allows changing the post slug.
  • Post editor now allows changing the post publish date.
  • Post editor now shows “Are you sure?” alert when trying to leave the page with the changed post content.
  • Now Main categories can accept post types (Story, List, Quiz, Video, Poll). On post create page users can only choice related categories for the post type.
  • All main categories can be deleted now. (You can delete News, Lists, Videos, Polls categories now).
  • Added: Now you can show/hide categories from the main menu.
  • Added: Now you can show/hide category icon on the main menu.
  • Added: Now you can order categories on the main menu.
  • Added: Now subcategories can have subcategories too.
  • Added: Google reCaptcha to log in, register, contact forms. You can turn on/off each.
  • Added: New tools section to the admin panel. For now, only has one tool that You can remove saved temporary images from tmp folder to save same space on the host.
  • Added: All trash posts section to the admin panel. You can easily see all trashed posts and restore or permanently delete them.
  • Fixed: Php 7.2 and above supported now.
  • Fixed: Deleted posts not properly remove images from the host.
  • Fixed: Themes responsive improved and fixed visual issues.
  • Fixed: Lazyload images now work properly. Added new loading effect for images.
  • Fixed: Sticky sidebars not working properly.
  • Fixed: Visual fixes for post editor.
  • Updated all Laravel packages and improved & cleaned the code
  • Improved installer & update manager and activation system
  • New support center opened on Docs can be found

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