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Car Wash Booking System For WordPress

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Car Wash Booking System is a powerful auto wash booking plugin for WordPress. It will help you to setup a car wash reservation system for any of your websites. It provides a simple, step-by-step booking process with online payments, e-mail and sms notifications, WooCommerce and Google Calendar integration and an intuitive backend administration.

With Car Wash Booking System you can easily take online reservations. It will help you enhance customer service and manage your car wash business online. Now with WooCommerce, Paypal and Stripe Integration.

Car Wash Booking System For WordPress - 1

Car Wash Booking System For WordPress - 2Latest Version: 30.10.2018 – v2.0. Check the changelog

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Car Wash Booking System For WordPress - 3

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Car Wash Booking System For WordPress - 4
Car Wash Booking System For WordPress - 5

Backend Feature List of Car Wash Booking System for WordPress

Locations Module

  • Create Your Own Booking System Based on Locations
  • Each Location Is an Individual Booking Calendar and Form
  • Unlimited Locations with Individual Settings for Each of Them
  • Generate a Shortcode to Insert the Booking Form and Booking Calendar Into a Page or Post
  • Specify How Services Are Displayed. Services, Will Display ‘a La Carte’ Services and Will Not Display Packages. Packages, Will Display Packages and Related Services Only. Packages and Services Will Display Both Packages and All Services
  • Set the Currency From Among 160 World Currencies
  • Set the Number of Slots (Carwash Posts Per Location) in Which Services Can Be Provided
  • Specify How Many Services Will Be Shown When the Page First Loads with “Show More” Button at the Bottom of the List or Display All
  • Specify How Many Time Slots Will Be Shown in Calendar When the Page First Loads with “Show More” Button at the Bottom of the List or Display All
  • Select Whether to Reset the Form After a Successful Booking or Not
  • Define Custom Summary Text for Your Clients
  • Specify Working Days and Business Hours
  • Specify Breaks
  • Exclude Holidays or Custom Dates From the Calendar
  • Select the Time Format to Be Displayed in Calendar
  • Select the Date Format to Be Displayed in Booking Summary
  • Set Booking Slot Size in Minutes e.g. 30 Min Slots Will Show Open Slots at 8:00, 8:30, 9:00 etc.
  • Set Advance Booking Period to Allow Booking Up to Number of Days in Advance
  • Set E-Mail Account Sender Details for Reservation Confirmation via E-Mail
  • Define the Address and Contact Details for Location
  • Define the Google Maps Coordinates for Location
  • Customize Booking Form Colors Per Location
  • Integration with Paypal
  • Integration with Stripe

Vehicles Module

  • Add Various Types of Vehicles with Different Level of Prices or Duration of the Service
  • Set the Name of Your Vehicle Type
  • Assign One of 24 Available Vehicle Type Icons or Assign Your Custom Image
  • Unlimited Vehicle Types

Services Module

  • Add Your Service – Set the Name, Description and Item Order
  • Enter the Base Price of the Service in Value
  • Enter the Base Duration of the Service in Minutes
  • Enter Additional Details Depending on the Location and Vehicle Type
  • Set the Availability of the Service for Location and Vehicle Type
  • Set the Price of the Service for Location and Vehicle Type
  • Set the Duration of the Service for Location and Vehicle Type
  • Unlimited Services

Packages Module

  • Add Your Package – Set the Name and Item Order
  • Add Services to the Package or Define Them As Related (As Add-On Option for the Package)
  • Enter Additional Details Depending on the Location and Vehicle Type
  • Set the Availability of the Package for Location and Vehicle Type
  • Set the Price of the Package for Location and Vehicle Type or Use the Price Calculated Based on the Sum of the Prices of Services Included
  • Unlimited Packages

Bookings Module

  • Browse New, New & Accepted, Accepted, Finished or Rejected Bookings
  • Sort By Name, Location, Status, Price, Duration, Booking Date or Client
  • Filter By Date, Location and Status
  • View Single Booking Details with Status, Duration, Price, Location, Vehicle Type, Selected Package, Selected Services and Client Details
  • Change Single Booking Status to Accepted, Rejected or Finished

Coupons Module

  • Generate Discount Code Sets (Up to 1000 Per One Set) Giving Them a Number of Features Like Assign to a Location, Coupon Code Usage Limit, Percentage Discount or Quota Discount with the Possibility of Setting the Minimum Amount for Which the Discount Applies, Coupon Code Validity
  • Browse Coupons with the Ability to Edit Each One Individually

Frontend Feature List of Car Wash Booking System for WordPress

  • Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready
  • Flex Based Grid with Support for Older Browsers
  • Ajax Driven
  • Step Based Form
  • Unlimited Booking Systems (Locations)
  • Different Vehicle Types, Packages, Services, Prices, Durations, Settings, Color Scheme Per Booking System (Location)
  • Different Packages, Services, Prices, Durations Per Vehicle Type
  • Different Wash Menu Types – Services, Will Display All Services (‘a La Carte Menu’) and Will Not Display Packages. Packages, Will Display Packages and Related Services Only. Packages and Services Will Display Both Packages and All Services
  • Vehicle Types with Icons or Images
  • Packages with Price Calculated or Defined (Discounts)
  • Packages with Total Duration Calculated
  • Packages with Related Add-Ons
  • Services with Description, Duration and Price
  • ‘Show More’ Buttons for Services and Calendar
  • Time Slot Based Booking
  • Booking Summary with Date, Time, Calculated Duration and Total Price

Other Features of Car Wash Booking System for WordPress

  • Registration / Login for Customers (Users)
  • The User Can Set the Default Contact Details
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Demo Content Available with One Click Importer
  • Fully Translatable with .po / .mo Files
  • Valid Html5 Code
  • Crossbrowser Compatible

Car Wash Booking System For WordPress - 6

This Item is Supported

Support is conducted through our Support Forum. We’re in GMT +1 and we aim to answer all questions within 24 hours in weekdays. In some cases the waiting time can be extended to 48 hours. Support requests sent during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.

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30.10.2018 – v2.0

  • Fixed few minor issues,
  • Added support for wooCommerce,
  • Added “Tax Rates” module,
  • Added possibility to create, manage and use of coupons,
  • Added tool which allow to generated series of coupons,
  • Added support for Google Calendar,
  • Added support for Twilio and Nexmo (SMS notifications),
  • Added support for RTL mode,
  • Added option to create agreements,
  • Added option to disable first step (selecting vehicle type),
  • Added option to display booking form in carousel style,
  • Added option to display list of locations,
  • Improved calendar navigation.

12.12.2017 – v1.8

  • Fixed few minor issues,
  • Improved look and feel of dashboard,
  • Added option which allow to generate booking report in CSV (Excel) format.

18.10.2017 – v1.7

  • Fixed problem with saving payment details received from PayPal.

04.10.2017 – v1.6

  • Fixed few minor bugs,
  • Improved dummy content.

22.09.2017 – v1.5

  • Fixed few minor bugs,
  • Fixed issue with saving prices on WP 4.8.2.

11.07.2017 – v1.4

  • Fixed few minor bugs,
  • Added support for coupons,
  • Added support for Stripe payment gateway,
  • Added possibility to create/manage an accounts of buyers,
  • Improved documentation.

01.07.2016 – v1.3

  • Added possibility to define breaks for a location,
  • Added possibility to enter address details by client,
  • Added possibility to set Google Maps coordinates for a location,
  • Added possibility to manage bookings from locations by selected users,
  • Fixed few minor bugs.

02.12.2015 – v1.2

  • Added support for PayPal,
  • Added possiblity to change vehicle type icon.

13.11.2015 – v1.1

  • Improved coding.

05.11.2015 – v1.0

  • First release.

The themes listed below comes bundled with Car Wash Booking for WordPress plugin. The listed price includes the theme integrated with the plugin and 6 months author support.


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