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CityTours – Hotel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme



CityTours – Hotel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme is one of the THE BEST THEME FOR HOTELS AND TOUR BOOKING AGENCIES

Built specifically for hotels and tour booking agencies, CityTours is the ultimate travel theme. With a stunning design, striking layout and user-friendly booking system, you’ll offer your customers the best possible hotel or tour booking experience.

Attention has been paid to every detail to ensure CityTours is equipped with invaluable features that make doing business so much easier. Plus, thanks to endless customization options, a built-in editor and bonus plugins, you can make CityTours your own.

Robust and powerful, CityTours is the ideal theme for your hotel and tour booking or search website, offering everything your travel business needs.

CityTours - Hotel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme - 1
CityTours - Hotel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme - 2
CityTours - Hotel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme - 3
CityTours - Hotel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme - 4

CityTours 3.0 Ready

  • Set room price based on week days in Hotel
  • Car Transfer Feature Ready
  • User Dashbard Page Ready

Now Citytours WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin. So, you can use Any Payment-Gateways you want by using WooCommerce Add-Ons

CityTours - Hotel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme - 5


CityTours is jam-packed with features to make life easier both for you and your customers. Our premium quality features include:

  • Google Maps with multiple options for markers and info boxes
  • Fixed sidebar on the tour page
  • Time selection functionality on the tour page
  • Special weekend pricing options on the tour page
  • Full-screen map page
  • Ability to set the hotel room prices based on days of the week
  • Car transfer feature
  • User dashboard page
  • Sign up and login modal
  • Over 34 useful shortcodes
  • Wish list page
  • Blog integration
  • Handy theme options panel
  • Sticky menu bar
  • WPML support
  • RTL support
  • PayPal payment integration
  • Visual Composer integration
  • CSS3 animations
  • Bootstrap3 based
  • Translation ready


100% fully responsive and with a flat design, CityTours is designed to look good and function flawlessly on all devices. No matter whether your customers are using mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers, your website will impress.


CityTours is optimized for speed, ensuring rapid load times on every device for the very best user experience.


CityTours is designed to be flexible, ensuring that you can make your website look and function exactly as you want it to. With an easy-to-use editor and infinite options, you can easily customize:

  • Currencies
  • Page styles
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Sidebars
  • Layouts
  • Icons
  • Grid or list view
  • Menu style (sticky or non-sticky)


Set your website up in minutes with our ready to go demos. Stylish, functional and created specifically to suit a range of businesses, our one-click demos make it fast and easy for you to get started.


Recently updated CityTours is now compatible with WooCommerce so you can turn your CityTours website into an online store, or allow customers to book and pay directly through your site. Plus, with WooCommerce add-ons you can offer any payment gateways you want.


CityTours comes equipped with additional plugins, saving you money and making it even easier for you to customize your website.

Bonus plugins include:

  • Visual Composer (worth $34)
  • Slider Revolution (worth $25)
  • SliderPro (worth $20)


Ensure your customers’ privacy is protected and don’t get caught out by General Data Protection Regulations. The CityTours theme is compliant with all GDPR regulations, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

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Version 3.2.3 ( September 5, 2019)

- Updated WooCommerce templates
- Fixed some minor issues

Version 3.2.2 ( August 22, 2019)

- Fixed javascript issue in administrator
- Fixed some minor issues

Version 3.2.1 ( May 30, 2019)

- Added currency converter option in theme options panel

Version 3.2.0 ( May 16, 2019)

- Updated plugins
- Fixed some other minor issues

Version 3.1.9 ( April 30, 2019)

- Fixed currency conveter issue
- Updated WooCommerce templates
- Fixed some other minor issues

Version 3.1.8 ( April 11, 2019)

- Updated plugins
- Fixed some other minor issues

Version 3.1.7 ( February 27, 2019)

- Fixed currency converter issue
- Fixed some other minor issues

Version 3.1.6 ( January 22, 2019)

- Added Price Type in Tour
- Added resend confirmation email in backend feature
- Updated woocommerce templates
- Fixed minor issues

Version 3.1.5 ( December 15, 2018)

- Fixed language file issue
- Fixed update cart issue in tour cart page

Version 3.1.4 ( December 5, 2018)

- Updated WooCommerce templates
- Fixed some issues

Version 3.1.3 ( November 29, 2018)

- Updated WooCommerce templates
- Fixed some issues

Version 3.1.2 ( October 24, 2018 )

- Updated WooCommerce template
- Fixed minor issues

Version 3.1.1 ( October 16, 2018 )

- Fixed WooCommerce template issues

Version 3.1.0 ( October 2, 2018 )

- Added user dashboard page
- Fixed some issue

Version 3.0.1 ( September 27, 2018 )

- Fixed update cart issue

Version 3.0.0 ( September 13, 2018 )

- Added room price based on week days in Hotel
- Added Car Transfer Feature

Version 2.6.5 ( August 17, 2018 )

- Added Time Selection in Tour
- Added Special Weekend Price in Tour

Version 2.6.4 ( August 6, 2018 )

- Fixed minor issue.
- Updated Slider Revolution, CT-booking, WPBakery plugins
- Updated WooCommerce template files

Version 2.6.2 ( July 4, 2018 )

- Fixed minor issue.

Version 2.6.1 ( June 16, 2018 )

- Updated CT-Booking plugin.
- Fixed plugin update issue.

Version 2.5.5 ( May 23, 2018 )

- Added popup feature
- Added filter option in map shortcode
- fixed minor issues

Version 2.5.4 ( May 12, 2018 )

- Fixed header image issue
- Updated pot file for multi-language

Version 2.5.3 ( May 4, 2018 )

- Added Badges for the hotels and tours
- Added show search bar option in theme options panel
- Fixed minor issues

Version 2.5.2 ( May 1, 2018 )

- Fixed Map Issue
- Added Hotels with Map page
- Added Tours with Map page

Version 2.5.1 ( Mar 31, 2018 )

- Updated Plugins to be up-to-date
- Updated to be compatible with WooCommerce v3.3.x
- Fixed Google Currency Converter Issue
- Fix Map Issue

Version 2.5.0 ( Dec 24, 2017 )

- Updated Plugins to be up-to-date
- Updated to be compatible with WordPress v4.9.x
- Updated to be compatible with WooCommerce v3.2.x
- Updated to show Booking details in Cart/Checkout
- Updated Shortcodes
- Updated "Additional Services" function
- Add option to show/hide "Login/Logout" button on header
- Add option to show/hide "Wishlist" button on header
- Add option to show/hide breadcrumb
- Remove quickview on Product loop
- Fix Responsive Style issues
- Fix WPML compatible issue

Version 2.4.2 ( Sep 22, 2017 )

- Updated Plugins to be up-to-date
- Updated to be compatible with WordPress v4.8.2
- Added Font-Awesome Icons for Social Links
- Fixed "Load More Reviews" in Single Tour/Hotel Page
- Fixed Currency Converter
- Fixed Meta Box issues

Version 2.4.1 ( Sep 13, 2017 )

- Updated Plugins to be up-to-date
- Updated to be compatible with latest WooCommerce version
- Updated One-click Demo Importer
- Fixed Mobile-Responsive
- Fixed Map Shortcodes
- Fixed WooCommerce Shop page, shortcodes
- Fixed Sidebars
- Fixed WPML Compatibility

Version 2.4.0 ( Aug 09, 2017 )

- Updated all page templates
- Updated Sidebars
- Updated to be compatible with latest WooCommerce version
- Added One-click Demo Importer
- Fixed WPML Compatibility
- Fixed FAQ issues

Version 2.3.2 ( May 05, 2017 )

- Added option to change Login page background Image
- Fixed "Contact Info" widget issue,
- Fixed minor style issues

Version 2.3.1 ( May 03, 2017 )

- Added option to use custom URL for Hotel and Tour
- Added "Contact Info" Widget
- Added new FAQs Block
- Updated "FAQs" shortcode
- Updated "Tours" shortcode
- Updated WooCommerce templates 
- Fixed WPML issue
- Fixed Room page URL
- Fixed minor style issues

Version 2.3 ( April 25, 2017 )

- Updated theme to be compatible with WooCommerce v3.0
- Updated date in email notification to be translated into multi language
- Updated WooCommerce integration
- Updated Hotel to use inquiry form and affiliate links
- Updated Hotel/Tour booking settings
- Fixed Hotel/Tour booking to be compatible with PHP 7
- Fixed shortcodes
- Fixed datepicker calendar to be translated into multi language
- Fixed Hotel/Tour checkout/thankyou page
- Fixed minor style issues

Version 2.2.1 ( February 13, 2017 )

- Fixed WooCommerce Integration issues
- Fixed Hotel page "Inquiry Form" setting
- Fixed Tour page "Inquiry Form" setting
- Fixed minor style issues

Version 2.2 ( February 10, 2017 )

- Updated "Visual Composer" plugin to v5.0.1
- Updated "Slider Revolution" plugin to v5.3.1.5
- Updated "Slider Pro" plugin to v4.4
- Updated "Owl Carousel" jQuery extension to v2.0
- Added WooCommerce Product layout
- Added WooCommerce Product QuickView
- Added WooCommerce Ajax Mini-cart
- Added "Inquiry Form" option on Hotel/Tour
- Added "External Link" option for Affiliate Hotel/Tour
- Added user-defiened custom style option
- Added "Persian" language datepicker
- Added Room gallery image size
- Added Star rating filter on Search
- Fixed Hotel Cart/Tour Cart page issues
- Fixed Parallax section issue
- Fixed Sidebar generator
- Fixed WooCommerce integration issue
- Fixed minor style issues

Version 2.1 ( November 08, 2016 )

- Added Envato Toolkit plugin for live-update,
- Added multi-language Datepicker feature,

- Fixed Google Map API key field issue,
- Fixed WooCommerce integration issue,

Version 2.0 ( November 05, 2016 )

- Added WooCommerce,
- Added Google Map API Key form in Theme Options panel,

- Updated Visual Composer plugin,
- Updated Slider Revolution plugin,
- Updated SliderPro plugin,
- Updated Hotel Order admin page,
- Updated Hotel Cart/Thankyou page template,
- Updated Tour Order admin page,
- Updated Tour Cart/Thankyou page template,

- Fixed Full Page Map template,
- Fixed Hotel list page,
- Fixed Tour list page,
- Fixed Single Hotel page,
- Fixed Single Tour page,
- Fixed minor Style issues,

Version 1.2.1 ( May 20, 2016 )

- Fixed RTL issues,

Version 1.2.0 ( May 13, 2016 )

- Added RTL version
- Updated Sample Data
- Fixed minor js, css issues

Version 1.1.8 ( May 02, 2016 )

- Added map in Hotel/Tour List page
- Fixed minor issues in map

Version 1.1.7 ( April 24, 2016 )

- Added map in tour/hotel single page
- Added map shortcode
- Added fixed sidebar option in tour single page

Version 1.1.6 ( April 15, 2016 )

- Updated Visual Composer plugin
- Fixed issues with WordPress 4.5

Version 1.1.5 ( March 25, 2016 )

- Fixed some Visual Composer issues
- Updated sample data with Visual Composer

Version 1.1.4 ( March 9, 2016 )

- fixed some issues in shortcodes
- fixed other minor issues

Version 1.1.3 ( February 27, 2016 )

- added credit card payment
- fixed WPML integration issue
- fixed standard post page issue
- fixed Visual Composer integration issue

Version 1.1.1 ( February 2, 2016 )

- added qty field in additional service
- fixed background image setting issue in page template

Version 1.1 ( January 12, 2016 )

- updated search tour function
- fixed booking issue for no-repeated tour
- fixed WPML issue.

Version 1.0.9 ( January 7, 2016 )

- added tour end date in tour detail page
- added available days of each week in tour detail page

Version 1.0.8 ( January 5, 2016 )

- fixed some issues such as translation issue, etc
- added tour start date in tour detail page

Version 1.0.6 ( November 19, 2015 )

- fixed logo height issue
- fixed tour cart issue
- fixed pricing table issue
- fixed hotel and tour listing page issue

Version 1.0.5 ( November 5, 2015 )

- fixed tour&hotel description metabox issue
- fixed some issue on tour order admin panel
- fixed tour exchanging rate calculation js issue on tour detail page.
- fixed wishlist enable/disable function.
- fixed terms and conditions checkbox issue on checkout step 


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