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The script is aimed at those who want to preventively block cookies generated by third-party services without having to manually act on each individual code to block it and unlock it after the visitor’s consent, the process is automated.

CookieConsent blocks preventively and automatically, the third-party cookies of your site and unblocks them only with the explicit consent of the visitor by clicking on the consent button, scrolling the page or clicking on any element of the page. The texts of the buttons and the information are obviously customizable. Only after consent, a technical cookie (lasting one year) will be recorded which will allow the script to “understand” if the visitor has accepted the terms of the Cookie Policy and all third-party cookies will be unlocked. How easy it is to imagine, if this technical cookie is deleted, the banner will reappear and ask for consent again. The banner is responsive and is therefore optimized for any device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

⦁ Automatic blocking of the elements that generate third-party cookies
⦁ You can enable / disable without uninstalling the script
⦁ You can enable / disable the preventive block keeping only the information banner active
⦁ You can enable / disable the acquisition of consent by scrolling the pageYou can enable / disable the acquisition of consent by clicking on any element of the page
⦁ You can choose to slightly obscure the page to highlight the banner and at the same time maintaining the visibility of the site
⦁ Responsive, legible and clean banner, compliant with Cookie Law specifications
⦁ You can choose between 2 types of banners: classic horizontal banner or Bootstrap style. You can choose to place the banner up or down, you can remove the title to minimize it and you can freely customize the graphics by editing the appropriate CSS file
⦁ It does not use any CDNs and does not connect to any remote files. Everything needed is integrated
⦁ Full compatibility with all browsers: desktop and mobile, new and obsolete.
⦁ Unlike many plugins it works even with Javascript disabled because everything is managed directly from the server.
⦁ It does not alter and you do not have to manually change the original third-party scripts
⦁ You do not need any knowledge of the code, just follow the simple instructions
⦁ Preventive and guaranteed blocking of any third party service such as social buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc.), Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Maps, Addthis, Youtube, Vimeo, Histats, Piwik, Shinystat, etc.
⦁ It does not violate Google Adsense policies and does not affect Google Analytics statistics
⦁ Does not penalize the correct indexing of your site in search engines.

The script is made with a language exclusively on the server side (PHP), to ensure its operation in all circumstances and especially with Javascript disabled.

Your pages must have a .php extension (example index.php).

If your pages have the extension .html or .htm , you can:
Add the following strings to the .htaccess file (work with caution and always keep a backup copy):
AddType application / x-httpd-php .php
AddType application / x-httpd-php .htm
AddType application / x-httpd-php .html
NB: The operation of the aforementioned strings depends on the configuration of your server as the host may not allow them to be executed.

Alternatively, you can rename the page extensions for example from index.html to index.php: this operation involves the use of a certain amount of time based on the number of pages and the various internal links, the script still requires get your hands on every single page. The code of your pages will remain unchanged, but the php code inside will be working.

Download the archive and extract the two files and place them both in the same folder where the other pages of your site reside. Open them with your favorite text editor to customize their settings and text. Do not delete the quotation marks ””. You can also edit the style sheet.
This script is not compatible with most CMS, its purpose of use concerns sites of simple structure, if you notice visualization problems we advise against making other attempts, your site is not compatible.

Follow documentation to install CookieConsent on your webpages.

Please before buy try the Free (limited) version to test if works on your website: (Italian language but editable).

On Open version you can edit all parts of code, and banner come without “CookieConsent” link.

Version: 1.0 – 28 May 2018


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