Custom Styles and Scripts

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A lightweight plugin to let you easily use custom CSS or JavaScript code for each Page, Post or Custom Post Type separately. The provided code will load only on the defined areas/pages maintaining the site efficiency.

No settings or complicated configurations! just install this plugin and you will have CSS and JavaScript code areas with each Post, Page and Custom Post Type. You can define your code there and live syntax checker will also check for the basic code errors and will notify you as you type.

Another cool feature is that you can define general styles and scripts for the whole site, only homepage or for a specific Custom Post Type.


  • CSS Code Box for Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types
  • JavaScript Code Box for Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types
  • General Styles and Scripts
  • Conditional Styles and Scripts
  • Specific Styles/Scripts for Home Page
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Automatic Indent and Outdent
  • Highlight Matching Parentheses
  • Drag and Drop Text using the Mouse
  • Line Wrapping
  • Multiple Cursors and Selections
  • Live Syntax Checker
  • Line Wrapping

General Styles/Scripts

Custom Styles and Scripts - 1

CSS and JavaScript Box for Post Types

Custom Styles and Scripts - 2


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