eGoods Shop & Donations Script

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Donation Demo:
Donation Admin
/admin/ can be renamed to whatever you want for privacy reasons

PPD Demo:
eGoods Admin Demo

you the opportunity to edit/customize them to
your needs and desired design, it’s very easy
to edit any of the scripts, you can add your
logo, custom banners and content.

Pay Per Download Script
When you have your own digital products
and you want a simple-to-use system that gives you the
ability to sell your downloadable goods (scripts, tutorials,
videos, music etc).
You can add a product via admin panel, chose a name,
description, price, downloadable file and that’s it.
they visit it via homepage (where products are displayed,
you can customize it on your own though), they are redirected
to Paypal to complete the payment.
Upon successful payment the system sends a download link to
the paypal address the user paid with. It is a randomly generated
download link and valid after a specified number of downloads
(default is 5 times but you can change it). So there you have an
effective pay to download script you can use instantly to sell your
downloadable goods/products.

Paypal Donation Script:
Donation Script
This one can be used as a paypal payment form of any
With this you have the ability to get donations or receive
custom payments, it works with Paypal Too and every
donation/transaction is stored and you can see a list of
transactions along with details such as (payers name,
payers email, amount, and notes he might have sent).

Thank you for passing by.

When you give your clients the link to that product or


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