Electrum – Lightning Photoshop Action free download not nulled

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Electrum – Lightning Photoshop Action free download not nulled


Incredible Photoshop ACTION Pro with effect of electric lighting. Easy to change color, contrast and gradient of lighting. Very simple to use – only brush the area and click play. One click action.

This action created on Photoshop CS5, tested and working on Photoshop CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6,CC,CC2014,CC2015,CC2017 (only English versions). If you are not using the English version, you can switch your Photoshop in English, play the action and return to your language back.

Electrum include

  • user’s guide .txt file with recommendations
  • 10 color presets and options
  • lots of graphic elements
  • fully editable and well organized layers

For the best result, it is recommended to use

  • photo sizes between 1000–3000px (recommended 2000px)
  • photo resolution between 240-300dpi (recommended 300pdi)


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