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Thanks ! for purchasing Expertrack Script. This script will provide you the ability to manage your online job board, Where “Companies” and “Employees” can create portfolios, Companies can post jobs and employees can see job details and apply where they also can create there beautiful portfolio to show what they can do. The script is the simplest form of job board if you want to customize please contact me thanks.

Demo URL


  • Companies and Employees Account Management.
  • Companies can upload jobs.
  • Employees can create portfolio also can look for jobs.
  • Companies can find best employees.
  • Beautiful Dashboard to check out traffic stats.
  • Manage General Settings, Contact Information, Logo, Favicon Google Recaptcha and Google Maps Easily.
  • Manage Moderators and Moderators Log.
  • Messaging, Newsletters Management and Manage Subscribers.
  • Custom Page Management, Theme Settings, Social Profiles.
  • Slide Show Management.
  • Manage Languages.
  • Backup Website and Database Easily.
  • and many more…


Upload where you want to install the script and unzip it. Go to and follow instructions.


Following are some quick configurations to make website works charm.

  • Add your own Google Maps Key.
  • Add SMTP Email Cardinals.
  • Add Social Media Profile links.
  • Update Theme Colors and Fonts.

If you need help please email me at [email protected].


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