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GogooooSE – Superior Fulltext Search Engine Script

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GogooooSE – Totally Amazing Fulltext Search Engine with spelling, keywords highlighting, boolean search and more!

GogooooSE is totally amazing fulltext and independent search engine with spelling (porter stemming algorithm sed) that is intended for any of your websites. GogooooSE is based on amazing SQLite3 database engine with build-in FT3 fulltext extension that is based on some Google guys work  :) (and used internally in numbers of Google projects!). With this script you
can implement totally amazing zero configuration search functionality to your website only by upload and run script on server.

This search script is based on two perfect Gogo classes (GogoSearch & GogoSpider) that you can implement anywhere in your site code. Simply include GogoSE.php to your project and use this classes on your website like below and you’re done! It couldn’t be easier!

  include ('GogoSe.php');

  if ($ispostback ) {

  // get number of items per page from request
  $itemsPerPage = isset($_GET['c']) ? (int) htmlentities($_GET['c']) : 10;

  // get current page number from request
  $currentPage = isset($_GET['p']) ? (int) htmlentities($_GET['p']) : 1;

  //initialize GogoSearch (Ifse is instance name/sqlite filename)
  $gse = new GogoSearcher('Ifse');

  //search results by quick and easy way
  $gse->SearchEasy($_GET['q'], $currentPage, $itemsPerPage);

  //another ways
  //$gse->Search($_GET['q'], $currentPage, $itemsPerPage);

  //get xml results!! ('res' is the root element)
  //echo $gse->getXmlResults('res');


Features included in GogooooSE:

  • Easy to install and configure (upload & run!)
  • Searches all HTML/Text files on your website (based on content-type header)
  • Super fast searching with spelling, keywords
    and scoring!
  • Boolean search, extended search (e.g.: title:keyword)
  • Finds matching in Title, Meta Keywords and in content of web page with stemming !!
  • No external database required, (you need only PHP PDO SQLite3 support on your server)!
  • The results are sorted by relevance in a page-by-page view similar to Google.
  • The text that displays under each search result is trimmed to a certain length so it fits on the page nicely.
  • Implemented as absolutely unique GogoSearch and GogoSpider classes in single include file!!
  • Simple administration page for webspider, you can index more than one website to your index !!
  • Configurable URL exclusion for webspider
  • Simple Google like result page with paging
  • Simple implementation to your website
  • XML output for results
  • etc …

Configuration of GogooooSE:

You can control the following options:

  • Which folders to search for HTML/Text files
  • Which URL (part of url) exclude from indexing
  • How many results to display on each page
  • Plus many more advanced settings in each Gogo class


The advantages of GogooooSE over a google integrated solution

  • You can style it the way you want
  • Instant and unlimited search results without ads!
  • Control over exactly when the indexer will scrape your updated website content again
  • It can index “every” page of your website
  • No “AdWords” advertising (customers don’t like ads on their professional looking websites)
  • It has an awesome highlighting feature and sorting based on keywords scoring
  • Simple to use, look above


  • PHP5
  • PHP PDO SQLite3 with FTS3 extension enabled (for fulltext and stemming feature) (SOLite3 lib ver. > 3.6)
  • Know how to upload files to your website (eg: with FTP)
  • Some HTML/CSS knowledge so you can style the search results page (to suit your look & feel) if you want.

How to install:

  1. Unzip the file from CodeCanyon
  2. Upload extracted files to your website (eg: to new /search/ folder)
  3. Visit the spider administration page by going to
  4. Set “write” permissions via FTP remote view on the /search/ folder
  5. Create a form on your website like this:
    <form action="/search/index.php" method="GET"><br /><input type="text" name="q"> <input type="submit" name="submit" value=" Search "><br /></form>

    Note: You can use (include) search.php in your code to simple display results in your page, or e.g. use XML output to display results by Ajax or your custom way.

  6. Done
    (replace with your actual website address above)

The next step

The GogooooSE can be extended by some new features, better scoring algorithm etc. if you are interested, contact me at magic ( at ) GogooooSE can be extended by advertising “engine” also, see info below.

I am working on

I am working on new scripts:

  • SEO analyzer engine – engine for website analyzing
  • XMLWebCore – awesome website construction framework

Note: If you want help me, buy this amazing search engine script right now and support me to do the new super amazing scripts:) SmallSense will waiting for you.


You can find demo site of GogooooSE on (contains 500 pages from indexed!) is small development company based in Slovakia.


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