Gym / Fitness Club Management and Administration


Gym management system is an easy-to-use
gym and health club membership
management system. It helps you keep
records of your members and their
memberships, and allows easy
communication between you and your
members. Gym Management system is also
feature-packed, helping you in the
management and growth of your club.

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Gym / Fitness Club Management and Administration - 1

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Gym Management System features:—

Membership Management

Payment & Due Collection

Bar code Printing

A user-friendly administrative interface.

Create/Edit/Delete Membership plans

Member plan expiration and accounts status.

Income and Member growth plans and analytic

Photo capture supported

Edit/Delete/View Member details

Unpaid/advanced/new Payments

Member schedule history and report generation

Why use GYM++

Top Features – top

1.Online / Cloud (SAAS) Capability

2.HTML5,CSS3 Layout design

3.Easy Integration with other Scripts

5.View/Delete/Edit and manage Trainers/Users

6.Ajax and Jquery supported

7.Automatically manage user membership expiration and User Account Details

The objective of the Gym Management System is to provide a system which handles the information of the people coming into the gym and maintaining their health. It takes care of all their health information through schedule management. It even maintains the data of what and all medicines used by the people who join the gym through schedule management. Data will be stored in the database.

Gym Management System allows the user to store the health,schedule and other details, the details of person who is in the gym, gym equipment details etc. This software package allows storing the details of all the data related to gymnasium. The system is strong enough to withstand regressive yearly operations under conditions where the database is maintained and cleared over a certain time of span. The implementation of the system in the organization will considerably reduce data entry, time and also provide readily calculated reports.

Demo user:- gymadmin

Pass:- gymadmin