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Are you a manga reader fanatic? You keep on subscribing to the latest manga from the popular sites like mangafox, mangapanda and mangareader. Have you ever think that you can create your own manga reader?

YES YOU CAN!!. ILoveMangaOverload CMS is here already. You can easily add new manga lists, chapters manually or you can scrape them thru mangapanda, mangareader and mangafox with an ease. (we will add more sites later on)

Please take a look our steps by step on how to get started with your own Manga Online Reader.


  • Easy to setup pages for creating new manga and adding new chapters
  • Sleek and Minimalists Design (will add more themes soon)
  • Manage Advertisement Placements such as adsense and images.
  • User Management System
  • Random Manga Button
  • Has settings if you dont want to store the image to your server and just used the image url from
    where you grab it.
  • MASS SCRAPER – Image will not store in your server, it will only mirror from manga sources by default.
  • Grab All Chapters
  • Scraping Sites to get the latest manga and chapters

    • * NEW
    • will add more….
  • Using latest technology for development such as:

    • Laravel Framework 4.2 | Will add support on Laravel 5.2 for future updates
    • Javascript

      • Angularjs
      • Underscorejs
      • JQuery
      • Coffeescript as main code
  • Security Vulnerabilities Applied such: SQL injection, XSS, CSRF.
  • Responsive Design
  • Added CRON JOB, to get the latest chapter
  • Upload Chapter image via URL
  • Login/Registration for Users
  • User Profile Page
  • SEO Page settings
  • General Page
  • Added Resume and Download Later Options in downloading manga
  • And will add more features later on…
  • Demo Account
  • username: demo-admin
  • password: demo-admin

Mass Scraper Demo


  • – Own Comment System
  • – New Theme Templates
  • – or you can request….


1.7.1 – Dec 3, 2016
- Hot fixed for scraping download
1.7 – Oct 31, 2016
- Added new manga scrape:
- Mass Scraper Update
- Fixed Chapter Lists Sorting - (now its sorting based by volume and chapter number properly)
- Added Last Update Chapter Date to sort properly latest chapters added
- Added RSS Image thumbnail
- Display Genre in Manga Information Frontend
- Added Translation Manager
- Add Blog Management with SEO
- Other Optimizations
1.6.1 – September 05, 2016
- Fixed Mass Scraper - Problem in output_buffer
1.6 – September 05, 2016
- Advance Search Filter
- Filter by the ff:
      - Manga Type
      - Genre
     - Ratings
     - Completed/On-going Series
     - Artists/Author Name
     - Year released
- Add Manga Rating System
- Mark Manga For Adults/Violent Contents
- Added Robots.txt
- Added Sitemap.xml
- Add Backend User Profile Page
- Added Manga Directory and Chapter Total Views Counter (Unique Counter)
- Change Featured Manga Style
- Add social sharing button from
- Add the ability to choose the type: Manga, Manhwa, Comix, Manhua.

- Normal customer doesnt allow to view backend via direct url
- Sorting Issues in Chapter Lists Front-end
1.5 – August 24, 2016
- Fixed Problem after the scraping is done.. need to check if the images is completed or not. 
- Added Resume and Download Later Options in downloading manga
- Sorting in Manga Chapters Lists
- Login/Registration for Users
- Customer Settings Pages Frontend
- Hot Manga Lists
- SEO Page settings
- General Settings
1.4 – August 15, 2016
- Change folder structure to easily install in shared hosting server.
- Fixed Chapter Navigation in Mobile View.
- Fixed spanish manga scraping.
- Image lists maintain aspect ratio.
1.3 – August 14, 2016
- Change Frontend Display for Manga Chapters
- Added “Hot” message for the manga that was created today
- Navigation on the bottom in chapter pages.
- Added “Go Back To Top” button when reading All Pages in chapter
- Display Status if Manga is Completed or On-going
- Upload chapter images by URL
1.2 – August 14, 2016
- Fixed Bug in creating chapter in scraping.
- Added Disqus comments in manga pages and chapter summary page.
- RSS Feeds.
- Added Arrow Keys, Spacebar for navigation in chapter while reading it..
- Reading mode settings
1.1 – August 12, 2016
- Added Cronjob Command and sort manga lists
1.0 – August 11, 2016
- Initialize Release 1.0


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