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Image Tools with BMP Support



Image Tools with BMP Support is a feature-full PHP class that allows you to easily perform complex tasks to your images. Resize, add text, watermarks, shadows, round corners, create thumbnails, etc. We made it easy! And I mean super easy!

We boast more supported file types than other similar libraries on codeCanyon: jpg, png, gif, bmp, psd (psd is read only).

We also boast more features than other similar libraries on codeCanyon! Why? I want this to be the only image class you ever need!

This huge feature set is great for photographers or casual users alike: add your watermark (even set the opacity of png images!), add your copyright text, resize, extract EXIF information, borders – we got you covered!

Image Tools with BMP Support - 1

Updated v1.5.1 (06/10/11)

  • Fixed png interlacing bug.
  • I also added jpg and gif to the list – when enabled, jpg will use “progressive” while gif may or may not do something – I originally left it out due to a bug in some php versions that cause this to not actually do anything but I’ve included it now anyway.

Updated v1.5 (25/09/11)

Some useful crop stuff in this release + some more user requests. Enjoy!

  • You can now crop an image without resizing first
  • Added an “auto crop” option. If your images are landscape, they’re cropped from the center. If they’re portrait, they’re cropped 10% from the top. This is great for cropping images with people. Crop percentage can be user defined.
  • Made using crop option (specifying what part of the image to crop) even easier.
  • Added a reset() method. Say you’ve uploaded an image and you want to resize it to 3 different size – calling reset inbetween sizes will do the trick.
  • You can now correctly save a transparent image to a non-transparent image format, like jpg, without any issues. You can also specify the background color

Updated v1.4 (28/07/11)

This update features a couple of user requests.

  • You can resize remote images
  • You can now set the crop position (eg: top, middle, bottom-right, etc, or by xy co-ords.
  • Now checks if the directory is writable when saving

Updated v1.3 (12/07/11)

  • Added an image upload class

Updated v1.2 (18/06/11)

  • Now you can easily batch resize/apply actions to a folder of images.
  • Minor bug fixes

Updated v1.1 (01/06/11)

  • Thumbnail creator (on the fly image resizing) – with built in caching
  • Rounded corners
  • Shadows
  • Reflections
  • Vintage filter
  • Minor bug fixes

Features from v1.0 (19/05/11)

  • Supports BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD (read only)
  • Resize images
    • Preserve transparency (png, gif)
    • Apply sharpening (jpg) (requires PHP >= 5.1.0)
    • Set image quality (jpg, png)
    • Resize modes:
      • exact size
      • resize by width (auto height)
      • resize by height (auto width)
      • auto (automatically determine the best of the above modes to use)
      • crop – resize as best as it can then crop the rest
  • Apply filters including: greyscale (3 modes), sepia, negative, black and white
  • Rotate image
  • Read EXIF metadata. See here for a list of available metadata
  • Add watermarks, including specifying image transparency (png only)
  • Add Border
  • Stackable transformations (apply multiple filters and actions to the same image, one after the other)
  • Friendly option values for non developers. Advanced options for developers.
  • Convert image file types

To read EXIF metadata, PHP is to be compiled in with —enable-exif
Server requires “allow_url_fopen” to be on for external image resizing
PSD support is not maintained or supported by me.


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