LCD Countdown After Effects Template

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This is a project for After Effects CS5 and up that renders a simple 7-segment LCD display running a countdown from 9 to 0.

It works out of the box. Just pick the colours of your choice, set a background (can be a transparent one), render it and enjoy!

If instead of a countdown you want the numbers run from 0 to 9, you only need to change a single expression line, explained on the PDF manual included. This project doesn’t need any keyframes at all, as it’s mostly expression-driven.

It is not font-dependable, so you can easily add your own glyphs to the display adding very simple expression lines, all explained on the manual as well. It needs though, a basic knowledge of AE expressions.

Project default resolution is at 1920×1080 and framerate is 29,97 fps. You can adjust resolution and framerate by doing some minor tweaks in the project.

It also includes the audio file, free of royalties (done by myself).


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