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Media Hunt : Media Sharing Community Script

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Site Features

  • Unlimited Embed:

    Users Can post unlimited number of links

  • Upload Images:

    users Can upload images

  • Blogs :

    Users create Posts Blogs

  • Links:

    Users can post links for different websites

  • Unique Link:

    Each Post is assigned unique link

  • Description:

    Users can provide description to posts

  • Comments:

    Uses can comment on videos

  • Reply:

    Users can reply comment

  • Follow/Unfollow:

    Follow unfollow users

  • Notifications:

    Notification when someone comment – reply – follow

  • Category:

    Infinite category

  • Search:

    Advance search

  • RSS:

    RSS feeds for each category – users

  • Translation:

    Support translation to any language via the language file

  • Caching:

    SQL query caching to reduce server load

  • Site Map:

    Site map

  • Built with Laravel

Registration Features

  • User can register with their email address
  • Support for facebook and google connect for instant login
  • Email confirmation is required to protect from spams
  • Support dual facebook && google + username login

Admin Panel Features

  • List of all the users at one place
  • Track inactive users with no activity over a month
  • List of all video
  • List of all comments
  • Admin can edit any users profile
  • Admin can users
  • Admin can edit video description and title
  • Admin can delete any video
  • Admin can make user and videos as featured
  • List of all featured videos in one place
  • List of all featured users at one place
  • Managing reports
  • Edit FAQ – Privacy – About us pages
  • Admin can add as many as category he/she wants
  • Clear cache at any time to refresh the site

Security Features

  • Email Confirmation to protect from spams
  • Site owners can choose Admin Approval or Auto Approval
  • CSRF Protection: Protection from CSRF
  • XSS: Protection from cross site scripting
  • SQL Injection: 100 % SQL Injection safe using late binding
  • Secure Bcrypt password hashing

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.4 or Greater
  • MCrypt PHP Extension
  • GD or ImageMagick or Imagick.

    • GD

      : Choose GD if you have either no access to imagemagick or to the imagick php extension.

    • Imagick

      : No, memory trouble + better image quality output

    • ImageMagick

      : Is an incredible fast and versatile image processing library
  • Fileinfo extension
  • CURL
  • MySQL

Supported Provider

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Vine
  • SoundCloud
  • Image Upload
  • Blog Posting
  • Link Posting

Demo (



  • Live demo

    site Hackers News Demo ( some features are disabled )
  • Demo Login 1 : username = test : password = test123
  • Demo Login 2 : username = test2 : password = test123
  • Visit

    Admin Panel

    after Login

SMTP Support for


Free 1M/month Push Queus using



Version 1.6 08 Apr 2015

  • Reported issues are fixed
  • Minor improvements
  • YouTube thumbnail cdn update

Version 1.5 8 Feb, 2015

  • Voting on Comments and Reply
  • Get highest quality thumbnail available from YouTube
  • Added Google’s new Captcha
  • Added Quick Admin edit option on post page
  • Code Refactoring
  • Minor issues are fixed

Version 1.4 27 Oct, 2014

  • Added Improved caching support
  • Minor issues are fixed

Version 1.3 01 Sept, 2014

  • [Improvement] Minor reported issues are fixed

Version 1.2 15 Sept, 2014

  • [Improvement] Minor reported issues are fixed

Version 1.1 26 Aug, 2014

  • [Added] Feeds page
  • [Added] Following page
  • [Added] Followers page
  • [Improvement] Minor admin panel update

Version 1.0 16 Aug, 14

  • Initial Release


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