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MessageMe – Laravel Anonymous Social Media Script

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MessageMe is a social media script, the ONLY ONE of its kind based on anonymous messages
and developed on Laravel 5.4 with all possible features. It’s the fruit of passion and hard work on the smallest details to make the product more flexible and feature-available with a beautiful design.


  • I just wanted to say, Amazing! Keep up with the good work
    MessageMe – Laravel Anonymous Social Media Script looks amazing. By yusukesarraj
  • Great script. By bmw2016
  • This project is very interesting. By timtimtim
  • The idea is great, the script looks awesome! By lolfust1
  • I really like the MessageMe – Laravel Anonymous Social Media Script. By Honzazi
  • Very cool. By evdojo
  • Your application is pretty cool. By mgit



Social Logins

Let your users login with popular social networks like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter instead of being restricted with a classic registration form.


Find out what people say about you. Send messages and get replies!

  • Message | Send a message to someone and choose to be anonymous or to be identified.
  • Gift | Send a message to someone with a gift in a package.
  • Shoutout | Send a message to people around.


Ability to Reply, Like, Remessage, Report

  • Reply | Only the user who receives the message can reply to it.
  • Like | Any user who views a message in the profile page or feed page can like a message.
  • Remessage | This action makes the message resent to the user’s inbox.
  • Report | Messages that have been reported by a user will no longer be shown in any pages it visits.


Users are grouped by their interests which can be configured in the settings page.


  • Profile page shows a user’s replied messages, gifts, contact information…,
  • Ability to restrict who can send messages by using the block system.

Ability to search users by either keywords or interests in the magical search box!

Realtime Notifications

The user can be notified when there is any action in the profile page also can enable or disable the notification feature.

Follow System

Any user can choose to follow or unfollow other users.

User Settings

The user can customize the way its profile looks and manage general settings

The user can modify its profile photo and cover image that will be added automatically to the gallery.

Feed Page

Makes the users enjoy their friends’ messages and discover others’ (the ones with interests in common) gifts!

Infinite Scroll

To improve user experience, MessageMe supports the infinite scroll which loads more messages until it reaches the last one with no clicks.


MessageMe provides a huge number of Emojis, users can use them in their replies.


MessageMe let any user report other users and messages if they are SPAM. Admin can manage reports and can remove them or mark them as safe.

Multilanguage System

MessageMe is translated in 10 of the most popular languages in the world!

English – French – German – Arabic – Spanish – Indonesian – Italian – Japanese – Dutch – Russian

Customizable Theme

The admin can change the default theme in one click. 3 Themes are available in the package, you can add more!

Powerful Admin Panel

Manage users, roles, messages… using a powerful admin panel! It provides a beautiful interface to make CRUD operations on the models.

Manage Users

All the registered users are listed in a page where admin can edit user profile details, reset user’s password and can deactivate user’s account by changing the status.

Manage Roles

Admin can create roles and associate them with users.

Manage Storage

Admin can delete user’s files.

Manage Log Files

Admin can manage log files that track all user’s actions throughout a beautiful user interface.


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