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Mighty URL Shortener is a PHP script that takes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters like and Our script has mighty features like Advanced Analytics, Smart targeting, Featured Administration Panel, Unlimited Members Plans, Custom Redirect Page, Password Protect, Social Media Counts, Bundles, Comments System, Edit Created Links, Unlimited Pages, Advanced API System and more…

The script works on shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans just check if your hosting company meets the script system requirements listed here. Also, you can find a list of recommended shared hosting companies here.

Demo Account

Administration Panel:
Username: demoaccount
Password: password

Short URL with Custom Page:
Short URL Mighty Info Page:

Mighty URL Shortener | Short URL Script - 3

Mighty Features

Advanced Analytics & Reports

Mighty URL Shortener helps you and your members to get advanced reports & analytics for your visitors like the following:

  • Analytics by continents
  • Analytics by countries
  • Analytics by states
  • Analytics by cities
  • Analytics by platforms
  • Analytics by device brand
  • Analytics by device name
  • Analytics by referrers
  • Analytics by browsers
  • Analytics by social media counts

Smart Targeting

You no longer have to create multiple links for a single link or product. Smart Targeting allows you to create a single link that routes every user to the right place based on the following:

  • Visitor country
  • Visitor operating system like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux and BlackBerry
  • Visitor device type like Desktop, Smart Phone and Tablet
  • Visitor device model like ipad, iphone, ipod, Kindle and Kindle fire

Unlimited Members Plans

Mighty URL Shortener helps you to create unlimited number of membership plans and you can control features for each plan like:

  • Maximum number of shortened URLs per day
  • Maximum number of shortened URLs per month
  • On/off option to allow short link creator to edit his links but without editing the long URL.
  • >On/off option to allow short link creator to change the long URL for his links
  • On/off option to allow short link creator to add custom alias when shorten a URL.
  • On/off option to allow short link creator to protect short links with a password.
  • On/off option to allow short link creator to delete his links.
  • On/off option to allow short link creator to manage bundles(folders) and choose when shorten a link.
  • On/off option to show/remove ads from short link page
  • Control the countdown time
  • On/off option to allow short link creator to display a comment box so visitors can leave their comments into the short link page.
  • On/off option to control which API tools displayed for each plan like:
    • Quick Link Tool
    • Mass Shrinker Tool
    • Full Page Script Tool
    • Bookmarklet Tool
    • Developers API Tool
  • Ability to enable “Hidden” option for plans which means only admins can see hidden plans and assign it to users but users will not see it at the member area.

Payment Gateways

You can accept payments for membership plans via different gateways like:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Payza
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin – Coinbase
  • Bitcoin – CoinPayments
  • WebMoney
  • Perfect Money
  • Wallet Money
  • Bank Transfer
  • And more is coming ….

API Tools

  • Quick Link: Everyone can use the shortest way to shorten links with AdLinkFly.
  • Mass Shrinker: Enter up to 20 URLs (one per line) to be shrunk and added to your account
  • Full Page Script: If you have a website with 100’s or 1000’s of links you want to change over to short then tool will be helpful for you.
  • Developers API: For developers AdLinkFly prepared API which returns responses in JSON format.
  • Bookmarklet Tool: Short links more easily. Click and drag the following link to your links toolbar.

Captcha System

  • Three captcha systems:
    • reCAPTCHA
    • Invisible reCAPTCHA
    • Solve Media captcha
  • Enable/Disable Captcha
  • Enable/Disable on anonymous short link box
  • Enable/Disable on Signup Form
  • Enable/Disable on Forgot Password Form
  • Enable/Disable on contact Form

Multi domains

Mighty URL Shortener allows you to add unlimited number of domains so your members can choose from it while shorting a link.

Control all of the features from the administration panel with a click of a button.

Custom Redirect Page

You can custom you redirect page to feel like your website by adding your logo and colors.

Password Protect

Set a password to protect your links from unauthorized access.

Social Media Counts

Display social media counts for most popular networks like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon & Reddit


Bundle your links for easy access and share them with the public.

Display Website Articles

Connect your website with the custom redirect page by displaying your articles.

Comments System

The Comments box lets people comment on your links.

Blog System

Admin can write posts about tips and how to use the system or anouncments to website visitors.

Announcements System

Admin can write announcements that will appear only on members dashboard.


You can add unlimited pages with the ability to edit and delete.

Translation Ready

Easliy translate AdLinkFly to the language of your choice.

Multilingual Ready

Visitors can choose ftheir language from the dropdown.


  • Scan added links with Google Safe Browsing Protection
  • Scan added links with PhishTank Protection
  • Testimonials system
  • Support form for member area
  • Ajax contact form.
  • Copy button(No flash required anymore) for shotned links

Administration Panel

  • Ability to close cegistration
  • Ability to make your website private
  • Easily accessible & make users admins
  • View site statistics on the dashboard
  • Change website name & description
  • Change default site language and timezone
  • Add your website logo in two versions
  • Enable/Disable Account Activation by Email
  • Enable/Disable advertising features
  • Ability to add Head Code into front area pages
  • Ability to add Head Code into Auth pages like signin, sinup, forgot password pages
  • Ability to add Head Code into member area
  • Ability to add Head Code into admin area
  • Disallow certain domains from be shortened
  • Ability to prevent any links contain banned words from shorting by checking the destination URL title and description
  • Change alias min length & max length
  • Set Mass Shrinker Limit
  • Admin can ads into various positions
  • Ability to change currency code
  • Ability to change Currency symbol
  • Ability to ad Facebook Page URL
  • Ability to ad Twitter Profile URL
  • Ability to ad Google Plus URL
  • SMTP email support
  • Ability to filter users
  • Ability to filter links

Overview Video

Mighty URL Shortener | Short URL Script - 4


Check script screenshots from here.

System Requirements

  • PHP>= 5.6.0
  • mod_rewrite module enabled
  • PDO extension
  • OpenSSL extension
  • intl extension
  • cURL extension
  • mbstring extension
  • DOM extension
  • MySQL 5.1.10 or greater

Change Log

Version 3.5.0 - (23 October 19)
- Added: Integrate the Invisible reCAPTCHA
- Added: Integrate Paytm payment method
- Added: Integrate Paystack payment method
- Added:  Remember me checkbox while logging in
- Added: Option to enable captcha into the login form
- Added: Allow wildcard for subdomains for disallowed domains
- Added: Trial membership plan
- Added: Wildcard for subdomains for full-page script
- Added: GUI for the full page script
- Added: Maintenance mode
- Added: Sitemap
- Added: SEO fields for pages & blog
- Added: Now user can select multiple bundles for the same link
- Added: Database port number while installing
- Added: New PHP mail alternative method
- Added: favicon url
- Added: Assets CDN URL
- Enhancement: Short link process performance
- Enhancement: More compatibility with Cloudflare Flexible SSL
- Enhancement: GDPR compliance
- Enhancement: Revamp the social networks login
- Fixed: Update Coinbase integration to use the new API
- Fixed: Daily & monthly short links limit not applied on Mass Shrinker tool
- Fixed: User `urls` count is not increasing with Mass Shrinker tool
- Fixed: Alias min. & max. length is not correct
- Fixed: Invoice 404 error on member area
- Other improvements and minor bug fixes

Version 3.2.1 - (29 April 18)
- Improvements and minor bug fixes

Version 3.2.0 - (29 April 18)
- Add: Multilingual ability to plan title and description
- Add: https option for short links
- Fix: Countries don't appear into "/info" page
- Fix: Language dropdown on the short link doesn't work
- Fix: Replace with
- Fix: Language is always "Others" into statistics table.
- Fix: Many redirects error when changing the language from member area
- Improve: Update geoip2 database
- Improve: Update Payza links
- Improve: Sometimes link password doesn't save
- Improve: false positive results for PhishTank
- Other improvements and minor bug fixes

Version 3.1.0 (2 January 18)
- Fix: View invoice 404 error
- Fix: Bookmarklet 404 error
- Fix: Comments box has an error when disabled
- Fix: Copy button not working
- Fix: Invisible reCAPTCHA not function on Auth pages
- Fix: Error while editing short links
- Improve: Disqus Multi-lingual
- Improve: Social login email not saved
- Improve: Change PayPal IPN
- Improve: Robots.txt file update
- Other improvements and minor bug fixes

Version 3.0.0 (13 September 17)
- NEW: Smart Targeting:
      > targeting based on country
      > targeting based on operating system
      > targeting based on device type
      > targeting based on device model
- New: Bookmarklet tool to short link via browser's toolbar
- New: Stripe payment gateway
- New: CoinPayments payment gateway
- New: Perfect Money payment gateway
- New: Payeer payment gateway
- New: Add on/off for bundles into plans
- New: Add on/off for delete short links into plans
- New: add number of URLs that can be shortened for each plan
- New: Private service option
- New: Integrate Invisible reCAPTCHA
- New: "Banned Words" options to prevent any links contain banned words from shorting by checking the destination URL title and description
- New: Hidden Plans option, Only admins can see hidden plans and assign it to users but users will not see it in the member area.
- New: Filter users by register and login IPs
- New: Admin can resend activation emails for pending users
- New: Admin can send direct message for user
- New: fr_FR language
- Fix: Admin can't edit users
- Fix: Edit buttons on admin and member dashboards are not working
- Fix: Empty Year-Month dropdown
- Improve: Add IP for register and login users via social networks
- Improve: rebuild "Full page script" tool for better results
- Improve: rebuild "Quick Link" tool for better results
- Improve: Hide Target Link from "/info" page
- Improve: Add bundle select dropdown when editing to short link
- Improved: use suitable Google login scope
- Improved: localize Year-Month dropdown
- Other improvements and minor bug fixes

Version 2.0.1 (5 April 17)
- Fixed: Error "Unknown column 'api_token' in 'field list" 

Version 2.0.0 (31 March 17)
- Rebuilt the script from scratch using the modern technologies.
- New: Paid membership plans
- New: PayPal payment gateway for premium membership plans.
- New: Payza payment gateway for premium membership plans.
- New: Skrill payment gateway for premium membership plans.
- New: Webmoney payment gateway for premium membership plans.
- New: Bitcoin payment gateway for premium membership plans.
- New: Bank Transfer payment for premium membership plans.
- New: Multi domains for short links
- New: Translation Ready
- New: Multilingual Ready
- New: Advanced API Tools:
      - Full page script
      - Quick Link
      - Mass shrinker
      - Developer API(JSON & Text formats)
- New: SSL Integration
- New: Google Safe Browsing Protection for added links
- New: PhishTank Protection for added links
- New: Testimonials system
- New: Solvemedia Captcha
- New: Blog System
- New: Announcements system
- New: Re-shorten URLs again without refreshing the page
- New: Captcha for anonymous short link box
- New: Support form for logged in users within their member area.
- Added: Option to add head code into member area
- Added: Option to add head code into admin area
- Added: Option to add head code into auth area
- Added: Option to enable/disable email activation
- Added: More and more features, please check the demo to test it.

Version 1.1.0 (07-02-2016)
- Added: Add Vkontakte social network
- Added: Add SMTP email support
- Improved: Replace allow_url_fopen with curl extension
- Improved: Make index.php default directory index page
- Improved: Short link appears after member add link
- Fixed: Typo fix

Version 1.0.1 (06-14-2016)
- Fixed: Contact form is not working
- Added: Visual effects to homepage

Version 1.0.0 (06-13-2016)
- First release


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