Monitor Screen Mockup – 8 Realistic Effects


What is this?

If you want to present and exhibit your projects right in a browser and monitor screen environment you don’t need to consider a budget to take professional photos anymore! This is the right product for you.Using Monitor Screen Mockup all you do is paste your images and push the button! Your designs and images will look like they were photographed off a real monitor.

What is so special about this product?

We’ve simulated every bit of pixels, RGB particles, refreshing line effect and depth of field and pack them all up in a simple Photoshop file which is far easy to work with. We have also eliminated some unwanted monitor flicker effects and odd color temperature. This means you are using something better than “reality”!  :)

This product is perfect for who is doing:

– Web design
– Digital visual art
– Digital Photography

This package includes:

  • 16 PSDs ( Photoshop file ). 9 for large and 9 for small views
  • .ATN ( Photoshop action file ) which includes a super realistic depth of field
  • Quick visual guide
  • Visual Guide