Mouse Media Script

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Mouse Media Script provide you a quick and easy way to create an viral media site (with brief-popular named “gag-site”). With this awesome media script you can build your viral media site in under 1 minute.

Mouse Media Script

Responsive Desktop and Mobile Version

Desktop Features Included:

  • Home Page
  • Popular Media Page
  • Categories Pages
  • Search
  • Original Sign In, Sign Up, Forgot Password
  • Social Networks Authentication (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Adverts in Sidebar And in Media.
Media Files:
  • Upload From Url
  • Upload Image
  • Upload Video (Youtube, Vimeo, Vines)
  • Make Meme (Upload Image From Website Or From Computer And Create Your MEME, Share It On Website OR Social Networks … OR Save It On Computer …)
You Can:
  • Share Posts On Facebook, Google +, Twitter …
  • See Media Full Page
  • Give Points (upvotes) On Media
  • Add Comments On Media
  • Click and See Next Post
User Profiles has functions:
  • Overview Your Profile
  • See Your Posts
  • See Your Upvotes
  • See Your Comments
  • Profile Settings (Account, Password, Profile, Delete Your Account)
  • Hide Your Profile
Admin Panel (Intagrated With User Profile – admin):

Mouse Media Script - 1

  • Home Page (Time and Date box, Daily Posts, Daily Comments, Daily New Users, All Posts, All Comments, All Users, Notes)
  • Posts Page (Posts Table, Edit Posts, Remove Posts, Remove All Posts, Check All Posts, Pages Navigation)
  • Users Page (Users Table, Remove Users, Remove All Users, Check All Users, Pages Navigation)
  • Categories Page (Categories Table, Add Category, Edit Categories, Remove Categories, Remove All Categories, Check All Categories, Pages Navigation)
  • Comments Page (Comments Table, Remove Comments, Remove All Comments, Check All Comments, Pages Navigation)
  • Settings Page:
    • Website – [Change Logo, Favicon, Watermark, Website Name, Website Keywords, Website Description, Main Page Title, Sidebar Title],
    • Media – [Posts Per Page, Min Length Search, Turn Comments On Website, Turn Social Network Share Buttons, Turn Search On Website],
    • Social Media – [Change Facebook Page ID, Facebook APP ID, Facebook APP SECRET],
    • Ad Management – [Change Small Advert and Big Advert Code],
    • Analytics (Stats Tracking) – [Change Google Analytics Code],
    • RSS – [Turn RSS Feed, RSS Limit],
    • Sitemap – [Turn Sitemap.xml]

Mobile Features Included:

Mouse Media Script - 2


  • PHP 5.5.x for best performance.
  • MySQL 5.x for best performance.


Update 1.6 (05/08/2014)

  • Add Encrypted Passwords
  • Add SEO Functions
  • Fixed Twitter Problem
  • Fixed SITEMAP special character problem
  • Fixed RSS special character problem
  • Fixed Facebook Comments (for mobile and desktop version)
  • Update 1.5 (06/06/2014)

  • Add New Theme “ELEGANT”
  • Fixed Facebook login and registration
  • Add Twitter login and registration
  • Fixed Upload (It doesn’t available for guests)
  • Fast turn on GIFS
  • Random Function don’t remove when turn off search
  • Add TOP USERS in sidebar
  • Add TOP POSTS in sidebar
  • Add Featured Posts in sidebar
  • Add Sidebar Chooser in Admin-Panel
  • Add More SEO Tags (Description, Keywords and etc.)
  • Add Sidebar Chooser in Admin-Panel
  • Add Theme Changer in Admin-Panel
  • Add Chars in Description in Admin-Panel (ex: 120 chars)
  • Add Language Changer in Admin
  • Add English Language Package
  • Add Georgian Language Package
  • Add Japanese Language Package
  • Add Slovak Language Package
  • Add Czech Language Package
  • When you click author name in comments, you go to author profile page
  • Update 1.4 (26/05/2014)

  • Add NSFW Modal Box with Terms and Conditions Accept. (You can turn on and turn off it admin-panel settings)
  • If you delete news, auto delete its photo
  • Add Captcha Code In Registration
  • Add Box Type function where you can choose What type box do you want to have big or small in pages (ex: main pages, categories and etc…)
  • Add Pages function in Mouse Media Script
  • Mouse Media Script Upgrading
  • Update 1.3 (24/05/2014)

  • Upload Media on Mobile Version
  • Upload with pending media in admin-panel or auto
  • Upload Type Changer In admin-panel (pend or auto)
  • Age Promt Modal In Each Media
  • Add Next and Previous buttons on the mobile version
  • Add Random Function
  • Update Special Characters In Registration
  • Post Title When Click Twitter Share Button
  • Facebook comments has been updated
  • When Click Video It goes on video page
  • Different Language Name Photo Upload (ex: chinese language)
  • Add JPEG Format In Photo Upload
  • Update 1.2 (21/05/2014)

  • Add Theme Color Changer In Admin Panel
  • Add Permalink Two Options (Default /gag/$news_id, Category /category_name/$news_id)
  • Add Big Advert On Header (You can turn on and turn off this advert from admin panel)
  • Add Adverts On Mobile Version (You can turn on and turn off this advert from admin panel)
  • Fixed Profile Photo Upload (settings)
  • Add Description On Media
  • Update 1.1 (19/05/2014)

  • Add Upload Video (Youtube, Vimeo, Vines)
  • Share Facebook Fixed  (Works fine!)
  • Edit Admin Panel Pagination function
  • Update 1.0 (17/05/2014)

  • Initial Release
  • Flag Counter


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