PHP Debug Tracer

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PHP Debug Tracer

Debug and trace your PHP scripts live while your script is still running in the background.

PHP Debug Tracer allows you to debug and trace your PHP script, making code analysis easy and fun. You can view and change variables live and see live code positions. It can even be used by someone wanting to learn PHP.

Check out the Live Preview with audio to see how everything works!


  • Debug/Trace any PHP Script live
  • Built in PHP no external programs required
  • View and Modify variables live in your script
  • Break-on variable option
  • Kill scripts options
  • Show PHP errors option
  • Online Debug Console
  • Debug any script AJAX, POST, GET,and normal page requests
  • Great for code analysis
  • Easy for beginners or advance users

Please Note: This application is designed for Linux hosted websites. Execution time limit depends on hosting environment.

For more information please watch the video.


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