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Point of Sales – Multi Outlets POS



Point of Sales - Multi Outlets POS - 1

Point of Sales – Multi Outlets POS system is PHP, JQuery, AJAX Web Base Application. Owner able to control multi outlets from one place.

This is suitable for small, medium and Large Organization businesses.

Easy to use Point of Sales System and able to handle multiple bills and search opened bill option and search product from POS and able to make Purchase Order to Supplier and sample Inventory Control and Gift Card and Return Item and able to Export Report by Excel Format and Profit & Loss and more.

Easy to setup the application.

Multi Outlets POS can be used online, Mobile Device, iPads, Android tablets or laptops. Responsive on any Devices.

Multi Language(English & Spanish) Point of Sales System

Point of Sales - Multi Outlets POS - 2

  1. Simple & User Friendly Interface
  2. Three User Roles (Owner(Admin), Outlet Manager, Outlet Sales Staff)
  3. Owner Handling Multiple Outlets
  4. Customer Detail & Customer Sales History
  5. Debit Order Report
  6. Add Customer without leaving POS Screen
  7. Search Products from POS
  8. Sales with Tax
  9. Hold Bills Options to save it in Opened Bills at POS
  10. Easy to search Hold Bills from POS
  11. Scan Product Barcode at POS
  12. Discount Options at POS (Able to add Discount by Amount / Percentage at POS)
  13. Return Order after Purchase Items from POS
  14. Gift Card (Able to Buy items from POS with Gift Card)
  15. Print Labels for Products
  16. Set Different Receipt for Different Outlets
  17. Print / Email Receipt to Customer
  18. Able to Add Supplier
  19. Able to make Purchase Order to Supplier
  20. Print Purchase Order Sheet to give Supplier
  21. Receive Ordered Qty from Suppler and update Receive Qty. and Cost
  22. Deduct Stock Qty. from Inventory when Item sold from POS
  23. Today Sales Report (Export Sales Report by Excel Format)
  24. Report

    1. Search by Outlets
    2. Search by Payment Method
    3. Search by Date
    4. Export Report by Excel Format
  25. Sold by Products Report
  26. Expenses for Each Outlet
  27. Expenses Category
  28. Profit & Loss for Outlets
  29. Detail Profit & Loss for Each Sales
  30. Settings

    1. Enable/Disable Number Key Pad
    2. Date Format (Select any date format from 9 Available date format)
    3. Set Product Display for POS (By Name, By Photo or By Both)
    4. Set Currency for the Application(POS)
    5. Set Timezone for the Application(POS)
    6. Set Tax percentage for POS
    7. Set Pagination Limit
  31. Payment Methods

    1. Able to Add, Enable/Disable Payment Methods for POS
  32. Outlets

    1. Able to Add Outlets
    2. Able to Assign Users for each Outlet by Manager/Sales Staff Role
  33. Easy to install the Project
  34. Many more for the futures updates

Point of Sales - Multi Outlets POS - 3

Live Demo Details


Owner (Admin)

  1. Username : [email protected]
  2. Password : password

Outlet Manager (Bugis Outlet)

  1. Username : [email protected]
  2. Password : password

Outlet Sales Staff (Bugis Outlet)

  1. Username : [email protected]
  2. Password : password

Outlet Manager (Changi Outlet)

  1. Username : [email protected]
  2. Password : password

Outlet Sales Staff (Changi Outlet)

  1. Username : [email protected]
  2. Password : password

Point of Sales - Multi Outlets POS - 4

Point of Sales - Multi Outlets POS - 5


If you are having any difficulty in understanding the project or you have any questions, We encourage you to contact us.

Email us at [email protected] for fast response. We will response back within a few hours.

We will be glad to help you.


Version 4.0 [09 May 2019]

  • Updated to CodeIgniter Framework : Version 3.1.10 (Supported with PHP
  • Debit can make more than one times payment. Every payment display at slip with date and amount.
  • Sold by Product Report

Version 3.1 [30 November 2016]

  • Add Spanish Language
  • System have two Languages (Spanish & English)
  • POS
    1. Able to See Today’s Sale just one Click on Top Navigation
    2. Able to Add Product Quantity by Manual Key In at POS Screen
    3. Responsive Mobile View for POS
    4. Able to enter Card Number if Staff Choose Payment Method : VISA / Master
  • Expenses
    1. Add Expenses Category
  • Product
    1. Able to Print Product Barcode with Product Name & Product Code & Product Price
  • Setting
    1. Decimal Point for Tax
    2. Able to Assign Each Supplier’s Tax
  • Purchase Order
    1. Able to see Supplier Tax at Receive Purchase Order and Able to do Discount also
  • Return Sales
    1. Able to do Return Sales with Tax
  • Profit & Loss
    1. Each Sales Profit & Loss
    2. Able to see All Sales Profit & Loss by Searching Date or Individual Outlet
    3. Able to Export Profit & Loss Report

Version 3.0 [20 October 2016]

  • Gift Card

    1. Able to generate Gift Card with Amount and Expiry Date
    2. Buy Items with Gift Card at POS
  • Return Item

    1. Able to Create Return Order to do Return Items
    2. Inventory will update if Return Items is Good Condition
    3. Return Order Report
  • Customer

    1. Customer Purchased Items Detail History
  • Inventory

    1. Able to update Inventory
    2. Inventory Report by Outlets
  • Customer

    1. Add Customer
    2. Delete Customer
    3. Search customer by Name, Email, Mobile
    4. Export Customers Sales History
  • Debit

    1. Able to buy items with Debit at POS and make payment later
    2. Able to export Debit Report
    3. Able to Search Debit Order By Name, Date
    4. Able to make payment for Debit Order
  • POS

    1. Able to Search Customer during make Payment at POS
    2. Able to Search Customer during add item to Hold Bill at POS
    3. Able to give Discount by Amount OR Percentage
    4. Able to search Product by Name & Code at POS Screen
    5. Able to make Debit Payment(Partial Payment) At POS
    6. Able to Print Receipt by Small Receipt & A4 Size Receipt
  • Inventory

    1. Able to See All Outlets Inventory for Products
    2. Able to Export Inventory for Outlets
  • Product

    1. Able to Search Product by Product Code & Name
    2. Able to Delete Product
    3. Able to Delete Product Category
  • Purchase Order

    1. Able to Delete Purchase Order before and after sent to Supplier
  • Setting

    1. Able to Delete Outlet
    2. Able to Delete Payment
    3. Able to Delete User
    4. Able to Delete Supplier
  • Version 2.5 [03 October 2016]

Version 2.0 [13 September 2016]

  • Add Supplier Module
  • Add Purchase Order Module
  • Sample Stock Inventory Count at Product
  • Deduct Qty. when item sold from POS

Version 1.5 [05 September 2016]

  • Increase Item Qty when clicking same items at POS
  • Add customer from POS without leaving POS Screen & Selected Items
  • Assign customer for open bill
  • Search Product from POS Screen

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release

* Note : We don’t offer Refund (if the item has been downloaded)

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