Powerful Twitter Authenticator/ Posting Script

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I’ve made this as easy as possible for you to integrate, all you need to do, is copy and paste.

This script allows you to let your user login using their existing Twitter account to your site, with some simple code, you can allow a login to your site using Twitter.

In addition to this, the script offers a simple fuction ‘post_tweet()’ to simply post an update through a twitter account.

As well as enabling you to post tweets, and authenticate users, when a user is logged in, the script will provide you with information about their user. Such as:
– Screen Name
– Real Name
– Picture/ Avatar
– Followers

Unlike other Twitter OAuth scripts, this one also generates the required unique URL’s for each user, so you don’t have to do any additional requests.

This script is quite hard to demo, but i’ve included a small demo of how the login process is, and an example of the data you can access.


The ‘Live Demo’ button above will not work correctly, as this script connects to Twitter, and a connection to Twitter cannot be made through a page that is in a frame, such as the one used to preview files on ThemeForest, therefore, you’ll have to use the link below for a working demo:
http://the-dream.co.uk/dev/twitter_auth/mytest.phpPowerful Twitter Authenticator/ Posting Script - 1

If you guys would like to see a more practical demo of this script in action, check out http://hur.ly/ I made it using code from this script + some other custom code. All the Twitter integration is done entirely with this script.


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