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SAAS – Multi Tenant Customer Relation Support Desk System (zendesk clone)

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Zendesk Clone – Multi-Domain – Multi-Tenant

Create your SAAS support desk ticket system like Zendesk.

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Multi Sub-Domain Support Desk, FAQ, KB creator (zendesk clone)

Scale your customer service & Built your own Startup out of It.

Let your user subscribe for the monthly or weekly or yearly package set by you and pay for using your support desk, ticket system, FAQ system and knowledge base system.

Installation Documentation: How to Install.
Configuration Documentation: How to Configure.
Automatic Sub-Domain Configuration: How to Setup Auto Sub-domain creation.

Features Each Sub-domain of your client

  • It helps your client to create support desk on custom sub-domain to consolidate customer data and leverage them to build or nurture long-term relationships with your customers or teams.
  • It is is more than just a help desk. It crosses over to CRM because it allows your client to setup help desk that can help them to organize processes, workflows and tracking of customer engagement.
  • Flexible ticket management with automated workflow using FAQ & Knowledgebase for each of your Client Support Desk
  • Mobile support with Responsive design Support desk for each your client sub-domain.
  • Custom Branding with Logo & text for each sub-domain of your client.
  • Customer facing web interface that you or your client can easily brand for their own sub-domain support desk.
  • Knowledge base portal and community forums included in each sub-domain your client creates.
  • Group rules and management
  • Public and Private Support Desk option for each Sub domain or your Clients.
  • Multiple Sub-domain based Support Desk System – Multi Tenant Support Desk System.
  • Multiple Admin, Moderator, Staff system for main site and each sub-domain your client creates.
  • Ban User System.
  • Multiple Visibility system for [Query-Ticket, FAQ, Knowledgebase] for each sub-domain support desk your client creates.
  • Multiple Visibility system – “Admin + Self visible”, “Admin + Moderator + Self Visible”, “Admin + Moderator + Registered User + Self Visible”, “All user visible” for each sub-domain support desk your client creates
  • Multiple Category System – “Faq Only”, “Support Enquiry only”, “Knowledgebase only”, “All type” category system with Icon.
  • Paypal + PayStack = Payment Option enabled
  • More feature coming soon

For any Question or Customization send us message to our CodeCanyon Profile.

High Performance & Highly Scalable

No extra module will be sold separately! The application will be last purchase for all new modules, that will be updated here like “ custom domain” etc.,.

Client can create own Support Desk based on your Sub-Domain

SAAS - Multi Tenant Customer Relation Support Desk System (zendesk clone) - 1

SAAS - Multi Tenant Customer Relation Support Desk System (zendesk clone) - 2

Suitable for

  1. Running your own Support Desk startup like Zendesk.
  2. Creating own Support desk for multiple department.
  3. Creating own FAQ system or Cloud based software as a service FAQ system and make money
  4. Creating own Ticket system or cloud based software as a service Enquiry system and make money
  5. Mobile Responsive
    • Twitter Bootstrap Framework

Installation Service – FREE

You don’t have to hire 3rd person for installation help. We are always there. Send us message at CodeCanyon Profile

Money Making Machine System:

You have 50 customers paying you 5$ or 10$ or 25$ monthly for using support desk solution, you have

  1. 50 * 5 = 250$ per month revenue
  2. 50 * 10 = 500$ per month revenue
  3. 50 * 25 = 1250$ per month revenue

Remember zendesk charges 89$ per month, you are charging 1/4th or 1/10 of it every month.

More features are coming soon.

Live Created Test Sub-domain-

Test Sub-domain for test – #

Username: [email protected]
Password : abcdef

Create your Own Support Desk here – #

  1. Register
  2. Click “Get Started” in Homepage
  3. Provide Information
  4. Pay & Start using your own Support-Desk

How it can be useful?

  • On its own the software can turn your huge volumes of support data into a treasure trove of leads, opportunities and market insights
  • Studies have shown that customers are three times more likely to purchase when given support in real time – right when they need assistance.
  • It allows you to build a self-service customer portal using its knowledge base, FAQ system & community features.
  • The software has all the key features you need in a powerful help desk solution.
  • It’s got ticketing system, knowledge base, community forums and more option coming soon (No extra addon will be sold separately, it will be upgraded here by the author).
  • You can build an efficient and powerful customer service process around this structure, if not at once, one module at a time – “Enable/Disable” – FAQ / Knowledgebase / Support Ticket.

License Rules

  1. One Purchase is licensed for One Domain only.
  2. You can purchase Regular License to Charge your Client for creating their Support Desk at your domain.
  3. For Developer License, Please purchase Extended version of it.

More features Coming Soon! Don’t wait – Buy Today and Run your Own Startup.

Hire us at – For any changes or custom own design

Still have a question? Ask in Comment or want to ask anonymouysly? ask at with hashtag #zendeskClone #startup with reference to this product URL.

Money Making Machine System:

Remember zendesk charges 89$ per month, you can charge 1/4th or 1/10 of it every month.

It’s FAST and Highly scalable. Check screenshot above and Verify yourself.

More features are coming soon.


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