Scaffolder | A Powerful Laravel + Angular CRUD Generator

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Scaffolder | A Beautiful and Powerful Laravel + Angular CRUD API

Scaffolder is a code generator that automatically creates stylish and powerful CRUD pages using the PHP Laravel 5.2 and Angular JS frameworks. Automatizing this step allows you to create new projects easily and to be more productively. Scaffolder also features a fully modular environment, distinguishing the frontend and the backend by providing a RESTful API, making it possible for you to integrate the generated code to your current projects.
Our application is well documented and it also includes a step-by-step quick start guide, featuring the installation process and demonstrating how to create your first scaffold.


  • Clean, flexible and unique frontend and backend code
  • Use of award winning frameworks: Laravel 5.2, Angular JS 1.0.5 with Material Design by Google
  • Totally isolated frontend & backend platform
  • Creates complete CRUD within minutes with easy database modeling
  • Enables you to deliver work to your customers quickly


  • Use of Laravel 5.2
  • Creates models, controllers, migrations and routes with just one command line
  • Powerful RESTful API with CORS Enabled
  • Supports foreign keys with or without eager loading
    • Relationships like hasMany, belongsTo, belongsToMany
    • Reverse relationships
  • Ajax file uploader with progress bar and cloud disk integration (Amazon S3, etc)
  • Search queries with pagination and sorting enabled
  • Built-in validation rules


  • Use of AngularJs and Angular Material Design
  • Use of Gulp, Bower and SAAS
  • John Papa’s code style
  • Multilanguage ready – I18n translation support
  • Creates form page with validation directives and messages
  • Creates grids with full search capabilities and exporting features
    • Sorting
    • Pagination
    • Exports to Excel or PDF
    • You can choose columns to be shown in the grid
  • Pre built in pages
    • Login
    • Timeline
    • Chat
    • Mailbox
  • Many and many components like:
    • Text, unique text, email, url, tinymce
    • Radio, Radiolist, checkbox, checkboxlist
    • Dropdown, autocomplete, chips
    • Number, float, currency (money)
    • Masked inputs
    • Upload single or multiple files and images
    • Date, datetime
  • Resources that fully integrates with RESTful API


All of our documentation is public and built with Google Docs,
just click (or touch) here to access.


  • Full user authentication with groups, permissions, profiles and roles
  • Social login with Facebook, Google+, Windows Live
  • More demo examples
    • Complex dashboards
    • Todo
  • Build MUCH more HTML5 components like
    • Tree with nesting and ordering features
    • Color input
    • etc
  • User interface for diagraming and modeling the database, exporting the modeling files to generate a new code
  • Create a similar code generator for the Ionic Framework


João Trindade – Codificar Development Team

“Scaffolder is a good tool that facilitates a great amount of unnecessary work. It uses Laravel as its backend and AngularJS/Ionic as its frontend, generating the basic code for both platforms, including routes, controllers, modules, HTML pages with CSS implemented and so on and so forth. It helped me with the generated code, making it so I didn’t need to worry about the generic part of the code, speeding up the process needed to get everything ready, especially if needed to create a new page, the layout would already be defined, along with a few basic functions. And the layout used by Scaffolder is very nice, using Angular Material so that it’s flexible and responsive regardless of the screen size. The learning curve with Scaffolder isn’t high, and it’s fairly simple to understand.”

Vítor Lamartine – Codificar Development Team

“Using Scaffolder was a great experience. Doing all the job automatically allowed us to save a lot of time that would be wasted copying and pasting the code for each page we create, changing only few things in each one. Also, the layout is simple, clean, and easy to adapt according to the needs of the project. Scaffolder is very simple to use”


  • Scaffolder 1.0
    • Application first published on
    • Any new features and/or modifications will be listed here.


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