Secure File Download Class



Protect your files and your server with this small PHP class.

Secure File Download Features

  • Hide the real download URL.
  • Create expiring one-time download Keys.
  • Set the maximum download speed.
  • Enable/Disable download resuming
  • Lock out all leechers!
  • Examples on how to redirect users if the download key is invalid or expired, file is not found or any other error occurs instead of leaving them in front of a blank page.

The Secure File Download PHP Class gives you simple functions to protect your bandwith and to stop people hotlinking your files.

You could even create your own download service like Megaupload (Some programming skills required \)” title=”;)” /> )

Please read the FAQ for further information  :)

What customers say

  • “Great script I like it.”


  • 12.06.2011 – Small bugfixes and added more interaction possibilities on error messages.


Written by Envatogoods

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