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ShotPro Community Script

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ShotPro Community Script is a community of graphic designers and web where they share their latest and most impressive works. users can create projects with attachments, lists, follow other users, comment and give me like a shot. In addition to receiving notifications, send private messages with attachments, designers look for skills, location or available for hire, create jobs and ads.

This community is inspired by Dribbble

  • Demo User: John
  • User Pass 123456
  • (Features are disabled)
  • Admin Demo: John
  • User Pass 123456
  • link Admin Demo
  • ShotPro Community Script - 1



  • Built with Laravel
  • Bootstrap
  • Authentication with Twitter
  • Font Awesome
  • IcoMoon
  • Flat UI
  • Send message direct/private with attachments
  • Teams
  • Team Members
  • Users can create Projects
  • Users can create Lists to organize your favorite designers
  • Follow/Unfollow users
  • Tags
  • Find people
  • Notifications Real-time
  • Comments on Shots
  • Like on Shots
  • Like on Comments
  • Block/Unblock users
  • Option Delete Account
  • Upload cover
  • User validation by email
  • Recovery password
  • An email, by account
  • Report users/publications
  • Change password
  • API for developers
  • SiteMaps
  • Edit/Delete publications
  • Users can create Ads
  • Users can create Jobs
  • Integration with Paypal
  • Animated Gifs allowed(Only if it is enabled on the server Imagick)
  • Views Counter
  • Color Palette in the shots/publications
  • XSS: Protection from cross site scripting
  • Secure Bcrypt password hashing
  • SMTP Support
  • Navigation with arrow keys
  • Like in the shots with the “L” key
  • Share social
  • Skills of the user
  • Availability to be hired
  • Last Shots, Popular, Most Commented, Most Viewed
  • Feed users you follow
  • Overall statistics
  • Goods for Sale / Users can link their products for sale
  • Admin Features:

  • Change the site name
  • Change the site title welcome
  • Statistics
  • Enable/Disable news registrations
  • Enable/Disable login with Twitter
  • Enable/Disable Captcha
  • Enable/Disable Email Verification
  • Allow attachments in Shots
  • Allow attachments in Messages
  • Set keywords for the site. (SEO)
  • Add a description (SEO)
  • Long of private messages, and shots
  • Create/Edit pages e.g.: Help, Privacy, etc.
  • Payments Settings.
  • See payments – Ads / Jobs / Teams
  • Social Login
  • Set up social accounts
  • Manage members.
  • Manage members reported.
  • Manage shots reported.
  • Manage Lists
  • Manage Projects
  • Manage Ads
  • Manage Jobs
  • Admin can enable or disable the members records, and to invite with PRO User whether or not members all from the admin panel.
  • Requirements:

  • PHP 5.4 or Greater
  • cURL
  • PDO Driver
  • GD Library or ImageMagick or Imagick.
  • Enabled function mbstring
  • MCrypt PHP Extension
  • Important: All images used in this demo are solely and exclusively from their owners, not be included in the script.

    Change Log / Updates

    Update 2.2 // 20 May 2018

  • [Fixed] Google API Location
  • [Fixed] Fixed bug with PHP 7
  • [Fixed] Error with description length in projects
  • [Fixed] Error with overflow in Chat
  • Update 2.1 // 24 December 2015

  • [Fixed] Projects ID user
  • [Fixed] Overflow file support (Help block)
  • [NEW] Add support key back close modal view full image for mobile device
  • [NEW] Add multilanguage support
  • Update 2.0 // 21 November 2015

  • Fixed bug with chat button disabled
  • Convert strings HTML in description project
  • Fixed bug in counter messages unread
  • [NEW] Add original image in the shots and best support in GIF image
  • Update 1.9 // 21 October 2015

  • Fixed bug total likes in shot
  • Fixed big overflow in Bio and projects description
  • Fixed minor bug in HomeController.php
  • Fixed bug in tags URL
  • Fixed bug in Autocomplete mentions
  • Username bug email notification
  • Fixed bug in Password Subject missing
  • Update 1.8 // 10 October 2015

  • Fixed bug CSS in Projects
  • Fixed overflow description project
  • Limit characters in location in page designers/ followers, ect.
  • Fixed bug in notifications
  • Manage Comments from Admin Panel
  • The admin can allow users will not “PRO” could comment
  • See all likes in Shot
  • See all likes in Comment
  • The user can choose to upload a cropped or a full size image
  • Added new currencies
  • Aggregates filters: All time, Week, Month and Year
  • Update 1.7 // 16 July 2015

  • Fixed bug Url Password Update
  • Fixed bug Jobs delete payments
  • Fixed bug text overflow in description and messages direct
  • Add link direct page tags in shots
  • Add Google Adsense
  • Update 1.6 // 4 June 2015

  • Order Designers by ID ASC
  • Fixed bug XSS in Shots
  • Add class in shots links description
  • Setup smtp to mail
  • Fixed bug avatar url preview job
  • Fixed bug password team
  • Teams Free (From Panel Admin)
  • Enable / disable Ads (From Panel Admin)
  • Enable / disable Jobs (From Panel Admin)
  • Users Pro by default – PRO users are automatically (From Panel Admin)
  • Update 1.5 // 28 May 2015

  • Fixed error pagination Popular Designers
  • Fixed important error in payments
  • Update 1.4 // 26 May 2015

  • Fixed error transcription Class TeamMember
  • Bug pagination page Goods profile user
  • Fixed error adding teams as admin
  • Add string new “Join now is free” (File lang)
  • [NEW] Added page tags
  • Update 1.3 // 21 May 2015

  • Utf8MB table members
  • Lang Bug in Ads Panel Admin
  • Slashes xss title site
  • Activate/Renew Job
  • Ads Activation
  • [NEW] Goods section from user profile
  • Update 1.2 // 12 May 2015

  • Url Slug page edit
  • Duplicate Tags
  • Important Bug in Ads Activation
  • [NEW] See number of messages unread
  • Update 1.1 // 2 May 2015

  • Minor bugs fixed
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