Sms Fuzz Ultimate – Multiple GateWay script

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Sms Fuzz Ultimate is a multiple gateway script which allow you to
start your own sms gateway system with just four easy steps or you can say by just
editing 3 lines only. Currently 6 gateways are setup-ed in the script which can be used
by you not only sms gateway this script also include user management system, Skype
resolver script , auto purchase system and many more you can read under features

Username: admin
Password: admin

  • Multiple GateWays
  1. Nexmo
  2. Twilio
  3. Clickatell
  4. HQsms
  5. Onlinesmsgateway[dot]com
  6. InfoBip
  7. We will Keep up adding more on feedback
  • Can Send sms to any country
  • Skype Resolver
  • Skype Resolver API access
  • Auto Purchase System (PayPal) (Can be Turned On or OFF)
  • Admin Panel
  • Can Send sms Using API
  • User Management
  • Free sms Services (Can be turned ON or OFF from admin panel)
  • LOG system (All the Send sms and Skype resolves and recived sms logs are stored and view from adminpanel)
  • Free Skype Services (Can be turned ON or OFF from admin panel)
  • Free Virtual number Services (Can be turned ON or OFF from admin panel)
  • Responsive HTML5 Template
  • Sell Virtual numbers to Clients
  • 10 Styles for Admin panel
  • Contact Form
  • More Gateways will be include according to User feedback

Its very easy and simple.

  1. Upload Script files.
  2. Edit Database details.
  3. Input Gateway credentials.
  4. Enjoy!!!

Current Version : Ultimate v1.0

XSS Fixed


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