Storyboard in After Effects

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This Storyboard project was created for the After Effects.
It will allow you to create and visualize your story, print it on paper!
Create and share with others.
Send it to the customer by e-mail.
Import your steel frames, write a description for them and get a beautiful storyboard from the After Effects.
The project contains 30 pages, 180 placeholders for your styleframes.
Pages and numbers of shots are automatically numbered!
You can also send the client a slideshow of your shots with a description.
Fully editable color scheme for printing sheet.

  • Size for Print : 3368×2381 px.
  • Pages: 30.
  • Shots: 180.
  • After Effects CS5.5 or or higher.
  • Universal Expression.

Music in preview by AML-Production : Happy Upbeat Uplifting


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