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It’s an alternative way to make your visitors share your page with a sparkle in their eyes.

The first thing is that the script will allow your users to get the page they want, only after they share the page you want. So if they really want to get it, the only way to do it is to share your site with their friends by e-mail.
It could be any page on your website, for expample some freebies, the webinar that you will conduct, presentation etc.
Everyone who will access it will also bring to your site his friends that may be also interested in.

The second thing are interesting 3D buttons (optional) of social networks, that everyone will be glad to click!

This script will do its best to increase your traffic.

See some of the features:

  • Powerful Admin Panel with a lot of features
  • Powered by HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery
  • At 99% powered by AJAX
  • The modern CSS3 techniques were used
  • Clean and nice design
  • Ability to send messages via PHP mail() or via SMTP authoriazation
  • Unlimited number of pages (links) with different templates of the messages can be created
  • The ability to moderate recomendations before sending
  • You can safely moderate recomendation directly from your e-mail by clicking on the control links in the notification e-mail, with no need to authorize in the admin panel.
  • Unlimited number of e-mails of the friends can be entered
  • Quick installation script included
  • The ability to enter specific URL of your site that is going to be shared or it may be also the URL user came from. It is up to you to decide!
  • You can ban users by IP who are trying to send spam or something…
  • 600+ Google Fonts are availavle from admin panel
  • Localization:
    – English (international);
    – Spanish
    – Russian
  • and much more…

TAFTA is well documented and it’s very easy to setup. You have only to create new link in the Admin Panel, copy it, and paste to your site.

You can also check the Admin Panel here, use password “demo”


Version 1.1.12 | 23 Dec 2012
– Fixed bug with unnecessary authorization dialog that appeared when you click on a control link in the notification e-mail
– Several files were edited.

Version 1.1.10 | 25 Nov 2012
– Updated: Sharrre plugin to v1.3.4 where was fixed a bug with empty Google Plus window
– Fixed Installation error
– Other bug fixes

Version 1.1.04 | 20 Nov 2012
– Spanish localization (special thanks to Pablo_Lopez)

Version 1.1.03 | 18 Nov 2012
– Changed the number of visible shares in the admin panel from 25 to 20
– Removed ability to specify less than NUMBER emails on main page
– Updated languages files

Version 1.1 | 17 Nov 2012
– Added multilanguage support (frontend)
– Added languages: English (international), Russian
– Added fonts managing option (570+ Google Fonts)
– Updated jQuery to 1.8.2
– Updated documentation
– Fixed some bugs

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