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uiForm – Universal Cost Estimator is a form builder script which can estimate website design or any service for your clients. it automatically generates an invoice. You can proceed checkout using payment gateway. it can be embedded into wordpress, joomla, magento, Woo commerce, drupal, opencart and any site. All through a widget code which is generated by the application. Also it provides an administration section where site admins can create custom forms, fields, custom skin, manage layout fields and all kind of editing operations. It’s really easy to customize and you don’t need programming skills.

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key features

Customizable design

You can change visual appearance of almost every element of this cost estimator in seconds.

Customizable design

Customizable responsive layout

Customizable responsive layout

Wordpress Integration

Joomla Integration

Integration with any site

Translation and Multilingual

Try the online demo:





Examples included in live demos (standalone,
Woo Commerce,

Payment gateways

  • Paypal
  • Yandex Money

Main Features

  • Embed inside wordpress site (plugin included). See live demo for wordpress
    • WordPress embedding process. See steps Video Tutorial
    • WordPress plugin included for embedding. Manage the shortcodes of your forms and Traffic statistics
  • Embed with Joomla. See live demo for joomla
  • Embed inside Woo Commerce. See live demo for Woo Commerce
  • Embed inside OpenCart. See live demo for OpenCart
  • Embed inside Magento. See live demo for Magento
  • Plugin code generator for integration with any site
  • Custom formula. you can add your custom formula and apply to the value of your fields. e.g. Loan payment calculator
  • Custom advanced formula calculator
  • Conditional Logic
  • Payment Gateway included – PayPal and Offline
  • Multiplication function – you can assign fields to be multiplied with other fields. e.g. quantity x type of product
  • Discount function – you can assign discount for every field. e.g. X quantity -> Y% discount , XX quantity -> YY% discount
  • Live preview cost and summary estimate
  • Full skin customizer
  • Multi Language support (Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese)
  • Fully responsive design
  • Dynamic form builder – Easy drag and drop of fields for each individual form estimator
  • Estimate forms can be turned into invoice, then clients can checkout through payment gateway.
  • Upload images as background of your form
  • Customizable text, background color, font size, font color of each field.
  • Live preview skin when customizing
  • Cross Browser : ie8, ie9, ie10, chrome, firefox, safari, opera
  • With a super easy installation wizard
  • Form estimates and visits statistics
  • Tracking recent activities
  • Powerful CMS
  • Invoicing feature (print and pdf)
  • Extended HTML documentation.
  • Free support and upgrades.
  • Build forms up to 12 column grid design
  • Eleven amazing fields supported: Text box, Text area, Check box, Radio button, Select list, Range slider (two modes), Flip toggle, Date, Upload, Custom HTML,spinner
  • Email Notifications
  • Upload unlimited images for each field.
  • Dinamic Popup Tip Content for each field.
  • Easily add/delete/edit forms, fields, field inputs, field images, requests, users
  • Language Switcher
  • File/Image manager integrated
  • Form estimates manager
  • Customizable fields
  • Three mailing option: PHP, SMTP and Sendmail

Please rate
5 if you like the script and I’ll keep rolling new updates and cool features.  :)

Update 4 March 2016. (v2.7)

  • [fixed] – filemanager security bug
  • update wizard installer
  • invoices were not listed in form options
  • backlashes were shown when there were not info
  • fixed conditional logic on select fields
  • fixed login authentication
  • fixed when multiple discount are assigned to a group
  • code mirror didn’t work because of lower and uppercase file name problem
  • added recovery user option
  • [fixed] – error when updating mail message
  • [added] missing update required on validation function
  • added request number to mail message

Update 28 March 2015. (v.2)

  • [fixed] – client information didn’t appear on invoice page
  • [fixed] – gateway payment description and field description didn’t show html feature
  • [new] – multiple forms on same page
  • [fixed] – conditional logic: hidden fields was submitted when this shouldn’t be submitted
  • [fixed] – showing images according to checkbox fields which are checked

Update 30 Oct 2014. (v.2)

  • [new] – Custom advanced formula calculator
  • [new] – “enable summary text style” option added to custom skin
  • [new] – added required feature to checkbox and radio button
  • [fixed] – floating summary box was on wrong position

Update 4 August 2014. (v.2)

  • [Fixed] – error found when deleting form.

In order to upgrade from previous version, just copy the “modules” folder from the download: (download)/Upload_Application/application/modules and replace to the next directory : (root estimate script)/application/modules.

Update 28 July 2014. (v.2)

  • [New] – added user information inside invoice page in order to verify who submitted.

there’s no way to upgrade from previous version, you need to make a new fresh install

Update 25 July 2014. (v.2)

  • [new] – added new payment Module: Yandex.Money Gateway
  • [Fixed] – conditional logic was not working on initial load of the form
  • [Fixed] – slider range : controlled calculation estimate on dragging.

Update 26 June 2014. (v.2)

  • [new] – Advanced Conditional logic
  • [new] – Added new Payment module with TPV Virtual REDSYS ( SERVIRED / SERMEPA )
  • [new] – Customize user fields which will be shown on invoice
  • [new] – add and customize VAT/Tax
  • [fixed] – email notification is more compatible with mail services

Update 22 April 2014. (v.1.3)

  • [new] – added support and live example for woo commerce
  • [new] – added support and live example for opencart
  • [new] – added support and live example for magento
  • [fixed] – full integration for many premium wordpress themes
  • [fixed] – fixed slider bug and added full integration for joomla

In order to upgrade from previous version, just replace all files except the directory: (AppScript)/application/config

Update 21 March. 2014. (v.1.2)

  • [fixed] – calculation of width images
  • [New] – attach files to the mail message
  • [fixed] – upload file problem for internet explorer
  • [fixed] – error with checkboxes and select fields calculations

Update 14 March. 2014. (v1.1)

  • Fixed – bug on installation process not allowing login on backend
  • Fixed – error on deleting forms
  • New – option to hide live preview summary box
  • Fixed – showing request statistics on dashboard
  • Fixed – some broken links
  • New – store submitted estimate information in order to let developers collect client information


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