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Upic is a complete image hosting PHP script with unique features that you can set-up in just a few minutes.

It is beautifully and uniquely designed, responsive, fast and easy-to-use for your future users. It makes it easy to start your own image hosting business.

Upic is regularly updated based on your suggestions – last update released on 13/12/19.

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Here are the admin login details :

  • Username : admin
  • Password : admin

What are the requirements?

Upic will work perfectly on almost any web hosting. However, I strongly recommend using Bluehost as they provide unlimited SSD storage at fair rates and Upic works perfectly and quickly on their server.

Happy Customers

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Upic - Complete Image Hosting Website - 2

What are the Main Features of Upic?

  • Ajax Upload : no page reload when you upload photos with beautiful animations
  • One Button Upload
  • Drag & Drop Upload
  • Upload on Paste (NEW!)
  • Multiple / Batch Files Upload (NEW!)
  • Webcam Upload which is a rare and complicated to integrate feature, especially with Ajax
  • User Accounts so your users can upload photos and find them in their accounts after signing up
  • Monetization with ads
  • Auto-deletion System for photos older than X days (NEW!)
  • GIF Support
  • Masonry & responsive styled photo gallery
  • Infinite Scroll with animated masonry effect
  • Perfectly integrated sharing plugins so your users can either share the link to the photo directly or post them on social networks
  • Complete admin area to manage your website in just a few clicks
  • Fully Responsive to make it easy to use on phone and tablets
  • Complete documentation, beginner friendly and easy to install
  • Bootstrap 4 based


The new updates are based on your suggestions. Once you purchase the script, you can have the chance to get your custom feature developed for free if I find it useful for the script ;-)

Version 1.5 – 13/12/19

  • ADD – Upload on Paste : Select a photo on your computer, paste it on Upic and upload it directly!
  • ADD – Auto-Delete Feature : New admin option to auto delete photos older than X days after they have been uploaded
  • FIX : Design issue on the footer
  • FIX : Database installation that could sometimes not work fine on MariaDB

Version 1.4 – 10/10/19

  • ADD – Multiple / Batch Upload Support : You can now allow your users to upload multiple photos at once!
  • ADD – Admin Max Upload Setting : As an admin, you can control how many files a user can upload at once
  • IMPROVEMENTS – UI and Masonry animations : there was an issue sometimes with the photo masonry which is now fixed and animated!
  • BUG FIXES – Some PHP errors have been removed and fixed!

Version 1.3 – 09/26/19

  • ADD – Gif Support : You can now upload GIFs in addition to “normal” photos !

Version 1.2 – 09/20/19

  • ADD – Short URL for Photos : Ability to select the short URL version to share the photo
  • ADD – Update Max Photos Size in Admin : You can now specify the max upload size of the user’s photos from the admin dashboard

Version 1.1 – 09/19/19

  • Landing Page Design : Better landing page design to explain features of Upic

Version 1.0 – 09/19/19 – First Release

Upic - Complete Image Hosting Website - 3

What if I have an issue?

I completely support this item and I assure you a reply within 24 hours if you have any issue with Upic. You can just send me a message via my CodeCanyon profile page and I will get back to you right away.

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