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Vertikal | Responsive WordPress Theme

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Note: From the last previous updates the Admin Interface has changed to a simple (default) one from the one you may see in screenshots. We have updated the theme for better performance and flexibility but we haven’t included that design in the update yet.

Vertikal Responsive WordPress Theme Overview

Vertikal is a true multipurpose super responsive WordPress theme with a unique Vertical navigation or Vertical Menu which is the best choice for any company or person who needs a responsive site with a powerful yet easy to use responsive theme.

Vertikal Responsive WordPress Theme v2.0is available now!

Vertikal responsive theme is one of the best responsive WordPress theme with vertical navigation! Please scroll down to see the change log history? It?s also compatible with WordPress 4.2! Also it?s compatible with WooCommerce now!

clean wordpress theme

Vertikal | Responsive WordPress Theme - 1

Vertikal | Responsive WordPress Theme - 2

best support for responsive theme

Some New Reviews For Vertikal Responsive WordPress Theme.

Thank you so much for supporting our works! We are so proud of having one of the highest rated WordPress themes in whole ThemeForest market place? And this is only because of you, our great clients  :)

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Vertikal | Responsive WordPress Theme - 3

Vertikal | Responsive WordPress Theme - 4

Vertikal | Responsive WordPress Theme - 5

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all in one responsive widget
SEO friendly optimized theme

translation multilingual language
revolution slider is responsive
unlimited sidebar
extensive documentations with video tutorials
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Main Features

  • Unique and Super Clean Responsive Design
  • Drag and Drop Page Builder with 50+ elements (And Counting!)
  • All in One Widget (Build any elements easily with Drag and drop UI into sidebars)
  • Powerful ? Easy to Use ? Admin Panel and Theme Options
  • Unique Vertical Navigation / Sidebar Navigation
  • SEO optimized HTML structure
  • Google Headshot and Star Rating System for Google Search Results
  • Translation and WPML Ready
  • Built-in Ajax Navigation (Optional)
  • Revolution Slider and Flex Slider
  • Custom Post Types (Portfolio, Clients, Team Members)
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Powerful Page and Post Meta Options
  • Font Awesome Retina Icons with Icon Picker
  • Fully Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Typography Settings and Google Webfonts Support
  • Child Theme Ready (Sample package is included)
  • Demo Content is Included
  • Extensive Documentation and Video Tutorials
  • WooCommerce Support


  • OptionTree ? by Derek Herman
  • Plugins and scripts: jQuery, Bootstrap, FlexSlider, Isotope, Ajaxify, Revolution Slider ($16 value), Visual Composer ($25 value)
  • Some images we used in our demo site are bought from and other stock sites.
  • This great theme, is designed by a talented Elite author ? PremiumLayers.

Demo Content

Updates and Change Log

Vertikal | Responsive WordPress Theme

v2.0 –  05 November, 2019

* Latest Plugin Included
* Generic Styling Improvements
* Demo Content Updated.

v1.8.3 –  02 June, 2019
* Plugins Updated

v1.8.3 –  19 February 2018
Theme Options not saving issue solved
Shortcode not loading issue solved
latest Plugin Included
Important Note:-After updating the theme to the latest version, you must delete the existed (js_vertikal_addons) plugin and reinstall it to get everything work.

v1.8.2 –  16 November 2017
- Elements not loading , Solved

v1.8.1 – 01 June 2017
- UPDATED ! Plugins updated to latest version
- FIX ! Code Improvements

v1.8 – 12 Oct 16
- UPDATED ! Plugins updated to latest version
- FIX ! Code Improvements

Version 1.7.4 - 24 April. 2016
- Fixed Latest WordPress Compatibility issue

Version 1.7.3 - 29 May. 2015
- comments.php changed form
- updated to latest version

Version 1.7.2 - 21 April. 2016
- Fixed Comments issue.

Version 1.7.1 - 29 May. 2015
- Updated: OptionTree framework
- Updated: Revolution Slider to latest version (v4.6.93)
- Updated: Visual Composer page builder to latest version with front end editor (v4.5.2)
- Updated: FontAwesome icons gallery to latest version.
- Updated: Latest version of TGM class.
- Improved: Better compatibility with WP4.2
- Improved: Better security by escaping user inputs and considering latest XSS security issues in WP
- Improved: Better style for active page in menu.
- Fixed: Empty typography settings was generating an error message in Admin Panel.

- Special thanks to users and clients who helped me in this update by reporting issues and giving me their awesome suggestions. Thank you all!

Version 1.6 - 12 Feb. 2015
- Added: New options for menu typography
- Updated: OptionTree framework
- Updated: Revolution Slider to latest version (v4.6.5)
- Updated: Visual Composer page builder to latest version with front end editor (v4.4.2)
- Updated: FontAwesome icons gallery to latest version (v4.3)
- Updated: ImagesLoaded plugin to better compatibility with third-party plugins
- Improved: Better WPML (and other multilingual plugins) support by changing the structure of some theme options
- Improved: Added options for slider section in WooCommerce pages
- Improved: Contact Form 7 styles
- Improved: Portfolio titles are now clickable automatically (without clicking on images)
- Improved: Better compatibility with WP4.1
- Improved: Visual Composer styles were not loading in a page that was using its elements only in sidebars
- Improved: Better security by escaping user inputs.
- Fixed: Hidden slider section Ajax navigation enabled mode
- Fixed: Menu hover issue in latest version of Chrome
- Fixed: Multiple blog sliders in one page was not working properly
- Fixed: Menu did not have a correct position in full width mode in IE11
- Fixed: Search icon in header was not aligning correctly
- Fixed: Normal list style was not changing with theme options
- Fixed: You were not able to set accordion to collapse all elements by default by putting "false" value in active tab.

- Special thanks to users and clients who helped me in this update by reporting issues and giving me their awesome suggestions. Thank you all!

Version 1.5 - 10 Sep. 2014
- Added: WooCommerce Support + Theme Options
- Added: New layout options for category pages in theme options
- Added: New option to blog element to enable/disable showing blog details on mouse over
- Added: Some new google web fonts
- Added: Showing phone number in tooltip for team members post type
- Updated: Revolution Slider to latest version (v4.6)
- Updated: Visual Composer page builder to latest version with front end editor (v4.3)
- Updated: FontAwesome icons gallery to latest version (v4.2)
- Improved: Better support for bbPress (Fixed some style incompatibilities)
- Improved: Improved theme codes for better child theme support (Overriding theme functions is easier now)
- Improved: Better spacing below visual composer rows
- Improved: Top bar search icon in Safari was not looking in the right place
- Improved: Moved some more scripts to the footer
- Improved: Google Map element was not compatible with new Google Map
- Fixed: While using under menu sidebar, responsive menu was opening below the sidebar instead of header
- Fixed: Default accordion was not loading automatically
- Fixed: Button link when no icon was chosen for that button was not working
- Fixed: FlexSlider in banner area was not working in single portfolio post
- Fixed: Preview button was not working in blog carousel
- Fixed: In blog element (page builder), when a category is selected, if user re-edit this element, all categories will become selected automatically
- Fixed: In single portfolio post page, "Next" button was previous and "Previous" button was next item!
- Fixed: "Back to Portfolio" button was always browser back button in single portfolio post page
- Fixed: "Button 2" element in page builder was not working

Version 1.4 - 17 Apr. 2014
- Added: Full width layout option
- Added: Responsive mode for 1600px+ and 1900px+ wide screens (Optional)
- Added: Option to disable Responsive layout completely
- Added: New Sidebar below the main vertical navigation menu (optional)
- Added: Better support for IE8 (It looks much better in IE8 now)
- Added: Option to disable featured image in each single blog / portfolio post.
- Added: Custom background image per page/post.
- Added: Option to remove dots overlay from background image.
- Added: Option to choose default open accordion or even set them to be closed on page load.
- Added: Phone field for team members post type.
- Added: Optional "auto scroll to top" option when ajax navigation is enabled.
- Added: Optional Greek codepage support.
- Added: Pagination (<!--nextpage-->) for page post type.
- Added: Some new google web fonts.
- Updated: Revolution Slider to latest version.
- Updated: Visual Composer page builder to latest version with front end editor.
- Updated: Updated CSS framework to latest version of Bootstrap 3.
- Updated: Languages files in plugin and theme itself (.pot files)
- Updated: Documentations.
- Improved: Date format is not hard coded any more and will change with admin settings.
- Improved: Drop caps letter is now linkable (optional).
- Improved: Services element title is now linkable.
- Improved: Accordions with very long title will show better now.
- Improved: Portfolio category now shows related title and subtitle in banner area.
- Improved: "tel" field type style support for Contact Form 7 plugin.
- Improved: Awesome tabs will look better on small screens in responsive mode.
- Fixed: Portfolio element (Isotope) had a fixed width and was overflowing the sidebars.
- Fixed: OptionTree was including the child theme dynamic.css even when user was switched off the child theme.
- Fixed: Menu was closing on some Android devices when user was trying to scroll down the page.
- Fixed: First accordion was open but it was showing "+" icon instead of "-" beside its title.
- Fixed: Paragraph font was not including in page if different font was set for headings, menu and ...
- Fixed: Progress bar title was hard coded to "Skills" 
- Fixed: In authors posts list and category, title of first post was showing in banner area.

Version 1.3 - 10 Mar. 2014
- Added: Non-Sticky menu option for sites with many first level menu items.
- Added: New option to change the height of each menu item in theme options.
- Added: New option to change the height of banner area in theme options.
- Added: New option to change the paragraphs text color and copyright bar background color separately.
- Added: New option to set a different accent color for all elements in top toggle bar.
- Added: New option for awesome tabs (iconned tabs) to have navigation above the content like normal tabs.
- Added: Vertikal VC Addon plugin is now translatable too.
- Improved: Some minor CSS validation issues in W3C.
- Improved: Some minor responsive CSS issues.
- Fixed: Low bottom margin for Flex sliders inside page content.
- Fixed: Filterable portfolio element now shows only category names that are chosen by admin in page builder.
- Fixed: Category filter in blog recent posts element was not working.
- Fixed: Responsive Menu in Ajax navigation mode was not closing automatically when a page was reloaded.
- Fixed: Unwanted blue background color when a slide was linked to a page in Revolution Slider.

- Special thanks to users and clients who helped me in this update by reporting issues and giving me their awesome suggestions: zata, geeegee, v5online, raltech, philippezuercher, welkindai, electris, 6uves and medeni.

Version 1.2 - 26 Feb. 2014
- Added: Review block (Rating + Criteria) as a page builder element.
- Added: Promo box as a new page builder element.
- Added: Adjustable width for main menu through theme options.
- Improved: Blog title and image are now linked to blog post (Beside read more button)
- Improved: Breadcrumb style is improved to allow long heading title.
- Improved: Replace page/post title with heading title if both page heading title in post and default in theme options are set to empty.
- Improved: Auto center client carousel items.
- Improved: Added Visual Composer to "Post" post type by default.
- Improved: Accordions could be opened or closed by clicking on their title beside ( + ) sign on right side.
- Improved: Child theme has a separate style sheet for easier customizations.
- Fixed: Contact info widget was not looking fine when very long address was entered there.
- Fixed: Footer stylish contact form was not looking fine on Firefox.
- Fixed: Contact form icons were not looking fine on Firefox.
- Fixed: Ajax Navigation was highlighting all menus when user clicks on back button.
- Fixed: Image of the portfolio posts has a margin below them if it was used inside a portfolio single page.
- Fixed: Portfolio Grid and Carousel issue on specific configurations.
- Fixed: Portfolio 4 columns was available in page builder but was not working properly (Added).
- Fixed: Typo in "Overall" text - was written "Overal" - in review post type.
- Fixed: The width of all images in blog post was set to 100% - even for small images.
- Fixed: Blog category filter was not working in specific situations.
- Updated: Translation (.pot) file.

- Special thanks to users and clients who helped me in this update by reporting issues and giving me their awesome suggestions: zata, james00bond00, canito, dannyvince, nitroit, JakeSiemer, artcrimes and dfgutierrez.

Version 1.1 - 15 Feb. 2014
- Added: Optional search box in top bar header.
- Added: Link-able contact information in the top bar header.
- Improved: Improved gallery style ( grid format ).
- Improved: Optional feature to include Latin code page for Google web fonts in languages such as Turkish, Russian, Polish and ...
- Update: Language .pot file.
- Fixed: Google analytics was not working on all pages.
- Fixed: Ajax navigation was not highlighting the parent menu in some situations.
- Fixed: Header contact bar were showing phone or envelope icon even if they were leaved empty by user.
- Fixed: Responsive menu was not scrolling in some devices.

- Special thanks to users and clients who helped me in this update by reporting issues and giving me their awesome suggestions: rrwp87, artcrimes, dannyvince, softaca, p3ngu3n, zata and ricksouth.

v1.0 - 10 February 14
- Initial Release


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