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WebStudio – Domain & Hosting Manager is designed for web agencies and freelancers, to manage and maintain it quick and simple on Domains, Hosting and Server. In WebStudio – Domain & Hosting Manager, you can manage (add, edit, delete) your domain with its relevant accounts.

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WebStudio – Domain & Hosting Manager allows you to save and manage all your data server, domains and social network accounts. Easy, 100% Customizable, Multi language, Security.

User Demo: Demo (not all the features work in the demo)
User: admin
Password: pass


  1. Add all the data of your domains.
  2. Add all the data of your server.
  3. Add the customers of your domains.
  4. Add to your provider and save your passwords.
  5. Add all types of hosting.
  6. You can use WebStudio from any device: smartphone, tablet, PC.
  7. You upload any file and connect to your domain. For example, attach th
    e invoice or a backup mysql.
  8. WebStudio uses SQLite, then without Mysql.
  9. WebStudio uses the most advanced encryption algorithms. All passwords are encrypted using.
  10. Add a new type account. Default: Bitbucket, Cpanel, Database MySQL, Email, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, Google, Linkedin, PhpMyAdmin, Pinterest.
  11. Choose your client and information, and send email.
  12. WebStudio is programmed in Zend Framework 2, the best PHP framework..


Fix Bugs (17/02/2014)

  1. The creation date of the domain.
  2. Bugs in dashboard.
  3. Encrypted password in detail.
  4. Link in dashboard


Fix Bugs (26/02/2014)

  1. Fix bug in asset
  2. Added all the expired domains in dashboard.


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