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Woo Gift : Advanced Woocommerce Gift Plugin



Woo Gift : Advanced Woocommerce Gift Plugin - 1

Woo Gift : Advanced Woocommerce Gift Plugin - 2

Woo Gift : Advanced Woocommerce Gift Plugin - 3

Woo Gift : Advanced Woocommerce Gift Plugin - 4

Offer gifts to your customers depending of their cart content

Admin Demo

Click Here for see admin Panel

Merchant Benefits

Everyone LOVES Free Gifts. Boost your Sales with Special Promotions. Increase Customer Loyalty.
Reduce some products stocks, either by offering these products as gifts, either by selling them associated to a

Plugin guarantees:

  • Support included: For any incidence during installation and / or use of the plugin.
  • Help installation including: Contact us and one of our technicians will advise the
    installation and configuration process.

Key Features

  • Clean Design
  • Support for variable products.
  • Responsive Layout
  • Multi Language Support
  • Principle
    • This plugin adds gifts into the carts of your customers, following rules you define in
    • Show free gift selection box on the shopping cart
    • Show free gift on the product page
    • New page with list of gift rules
  • Flexible Gifting Rules
    • Buy X Get Y Free
    • Buy 3 Items Get Y Free
    • Free Gift with Category
    • Free gift category for sepcial users
    • Free gift category for sepcial Roles
    • Spend $500, Get Free Gift
  • Let your Customers Decide
    Customers can choose a Free Gift if they meet your conditions
  • Popup features Popup for new customers with ability to show gifts.
  • Customer Benefits
    • Customers Love Free Gifts
      • Customers can choose free gift when rule is matched
    • Examples of Rules
      • Reward free gift for Buy X Get Y
      • Reward free gift for Buy 3 items, Get 1 Free
  • And More ….
Version 5.2 Release Date 24.11.2019
* Added - Documentation and support row plugin 
* Added - shortcode for show gifts in single product
* Added - compatible with addon spent total plugin
* Added - set time for show popup
* Fixed - permalink product gift in report 
* Fixed - limit number of gift in any order
* Fixed - issue clone/duplicate rule
* Fixed - all of selected category and brand dependency
* Fixed - deprecate .live in jquery 
* Fixed - exclude category in single product

Version 5.1 Release Date 09.07.2019
* Added - Clone/duplicate rule in rules list
* Fixed - show gifts in product meta
* Fixed - multi select in general 
* Fixed - set cache gift in custom field 
* Fixed - auto add gift to cart
* Fixed - quantity gift product
* Fixed - deprecate .live jquery 
* Fixed - "all of selected" in  category dependency and brand dependency 
* Changed - font awesome (Updated to new version)

Version 5.0 Release Date 15.05.2019
Note : Please update All rule  and Clear all customer session data after update to this version
* Added - you can select product variable in product dependency for variation product 
* Added - Clear Session tab in Dashboard
* Added - add to cart with Ajax
* Added - Loading for add gift 
* Added - select variations product in cart for gift
* Added - show Stock quantity product gift in cart page
* Fixed - removed deprecate code 
* Fixed - issue add order gift to order
* Fixed - add gift to cart code for session 
* Fixed - repeat in any rule
* Fixed - Repeat in Dashboard
* Fixed - structure gift plugin
* Fixed - popup structure
* Fixed - overflow popup scroll and item UI
* Fixed - box-sizing: border-box; issue on old themes
* Fixed - tool-tip in Dashboard
* Fixed - stock quantity 
* Removed - show gift in single product

Version 4.9 Release Date 14.05.2019
* Added - Repeat Rule for subtotal and quantity 
* Fixed  - check gift apply in cart if cart is update with jQuery

Version 4.8 Release Date 05.03.2019
* Fixed - issue with compatible  plugin woo brand
* Fixed - auto add to cart code
* Fixed - select gift category 
* Fixed - show gift single product
* Fixed - jquery count down in shortcode
* Fixed - check gift is allowed for add to cart

Version 4.7 Release Date 21.12.2018
* Fixed - issue for single product
* Fixed - multi select gift 
* Fixed - error when active plugin (is set tab report)
* Fixed - list rule for show 
* Added - exclude Roles Dependency
* Added - Compatible with add-on month in rule 

Version 4.6 Release Date 24.07.2018
* Fixed - error in php version 7
* Fixed - check Subtotal Cart for dependency product/category

Version 4.5 Release Date 12.07.2018
* Added - Show thumbnail gifts in cart
* Fixed - Show gifts in tablet/mobile device
* Fixed - remove duplicate "Item Per View" in settings
* Fixed - add some word to plugin textdomain for Multi-language

Version 4.4 Release Date 29.06.2018
* Added - Number Per Page for grid in cart
* Fixed - Fix notice if isset session select gifts
* Fixed - autocomplete off for time
* Fixed - compatible brand plugin
* Fixed - jQuery carousel gift if cart update with ajax in cart page

Version 4.2 Release Date 24.05.2018
* Fixed  - min/max price cart amount
* Fixed  - Usage limit per Rule 

Version 4.1 Release Date 12.05.2018
* Fixed  - Product Dependency all of selected
* Fixed  - issue "all of selected" in category and product dependency
* Fixed  - issue "all of selected" in brand and product dependency
* Fixed  - product_id for product_type : variation
* Fixed  - jQuery carousel in update cart
* Fixed  - set session in group_order_data
* Fixed  - Warning error in add new rule
* Fixed  - issue in prefix in gifts report
* Fixed  - issue in product dropdown
* Fixed  - keep setting in new updates
* Added  - Min/max in Subtotal Cart
* Added  - Exclude Category Dependency
* Added  - RTL Carousel

Version 4.0 Release Date 09.10.2017
* Ready new VERSION 4
* Fixed - Product Dependency all of selected
* Fixed - Lightbox issue
* Added - Report page , Switch charts and grid
* Added - add owl slider
* Added - remove bx slider
* Fixed - responsive issue on popup.php
* Fixed - some CSS issues
* Fixed - other report UI
* Fixed - change structure gift apply
* Added - Report
* Fixed - if depends is empty

Version 3.5 Release Date 01.09.2017
* Added - Gifts Only For Register Users
* Added - Usage Limit Per Rule
* Added - Usage Limit Per User
* Added - Schedule Type
* Added - day of month
* Added - Dependency 'at least one of selected' & 'all of selected'
* Added - text product gift(s) for translate in settings
* Added - url plugin
* Fixed - chosen styles
* Fixed - issue for apply gift in cart
* Fixed - popup
* Fixed - gift after_cart_table
* Fixed - save options after deactive plugin
* Fixed - show gifts in single product
* Fixed - issue for auto add gift to cart
* Fixed - remove style="width:15%" from selectboxes
* Fixed - deprecated function get_currentuserinfo to wp_get_current_user

Version 3.0 Release Date 04.06.2017
* Added - Subtotal Cart
* Added - Sum Of Item Quantities
* Added - Orders Count Completed
* Added - Disable If Any Coupon Is Applied
* Fixed  -  Popup

Version 2.9 Release Date 25.06.2017
* Fixed  - compatible woocoommerce 3.0.x
* Fixed  - same issue in rules
* Added - "Number Of Gifts Allowed" for any rule

Version 2.8 Release Date 25.01.2017
* Fixed  - Add gift to cart and remove gift for wpml

Version 2.6 Release Date 13.10.2016
* Fixed  - Product depends for variable products
* Fixed  - popup Gifts in main page

Version 2.5 Release Date 26.09.2016
* Added - feature Type of View Gift in Cart
* Added - check if gift product is in stock then apply
* Added - feature Hide Gifts If User Selected any Gifts
* Fixed  - changed structure for apply gift.
* Fixed  - responsive popup issue.
* Fixed  - Display Gift(if selected category)In Product Page

Version 2.1 Release Date 25.07.2016
* Added - Disable gifts if gift was in cart

Version 2.0 Release Date 14.07.2016
* Added - Support for variable products
* Fixed  - WC 2.6 compatibility issues

Version 1.8.5 Release Date 09.02.2016
* Fixed  - apply rule for Minimum Cart Amount
* Fixed  - Setting for Cart Gift Carousel
* Fixed  - hide arrows Gift Carousel if don't match any rule

Version 1.8 Release Date 06.02.2016
* Fixed  - Fix apply rule process
* Fixed  - Add Gift to cart

Version 1.7 Release Date 01.02.2016
* Fixed  - changed code structure
* Added - user can select multiple gifts
* Added - admin style is changed

Version 1.5.0 Release Date 30.10.2015
* Added - condition for Multiple select
* Added - compatible with woocommerce brand pro plugin
* Added - add auto gift to cart in rule's

Version 1.2.0 Release Date 17.10.2015
* Added - add multi select gift in one order
* Fixed  - link free gift in cart
* Fixed  - refresh Gift in cart when update cart
* Fixed  - remove predifine gift if deactive

Version 1.1.5 Release Date 24.07.2015
* Fixed  - remove gift if cart is update and There are no Null
* Fixed  - don't show product in dropdown if products is above 1000
* Fixed  - changed get_categorys with get_terms(in wordpress 4.2.x)


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