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WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin



WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin takes measurement from customer to calculate price based on length, area (sqft), volume, weight and box. You can sell variable sized products according to their dimensions such length, Area (Sqft), Volume and Weight. Perfect pricing solutions for store selling blinds, wallpapers, liquids, flooring, etc.


WooCommerce Pricing calculator allows you to sell product based on Per unit pricing (Price per meter, foot, Sqft, Cubic yard, Mile, Kilometer, etc). Instead of forcing customer to buy products in fixed sizes or quantity let them enter their measurement and calculate the exact price based on their input.

  • Sell products by Area, Volume, Weight and Box
  • Adds Pricing Calculator to Product Pages
  • Sell Products by Box
  • Supports Variable Products
  • Show Pricing Table in Product Tab
  • Define Measurement Units for Products like meter, foot, sq yard, kg, etc.
  • Customize Pricing Label and Units
  • Improved User Interface ( New)
  • Stock Management (New)
  • Set Min/Max Order Quantity for Product & Variations (New)
  • WPML Compatibility (New)
  • Compatible with Extendons WooCommerce Product Options Plugin (New)

Did not find the desired functionality? Email us now at [email protected] to get the customized solution.


Products You Can Sell Using WooCommerce Price Calculator

  • Sell Products by Area such as Wallpapers, Tiles, Land, Carpets etc. DEMO
  • Products by Length (price per meter, etc) i.e. Wires, Pipes, Ropes, etc. DEMO
  • Sell Products by Weight such as Rice, Sugar, Fruits, Flour, Sweets etc. DEMO
  • Sell Products by Volume such as Garden Mulch, Concrete etc. DEMO
  • Sell Liquids Products such as Juices, Milk, Pure Water, Paint etc. DEMO
  • Sell Products by Box such as tile box DEMO
  • Sell Products having variations such as mulch of different types DEMO

Need Customized Solution? Email us now at [email protected].

How WooCommerce Price Calculator Works – Possibilities

1. Product Pricing By Length

Selling one dimensional products such as fabrics, cables, ropes, pipes by meter, yard, foot, inch etc. Just configure the measurement unit and price per unit and this extension will do the rest.

Simple Product:


Variable Product:


2. Product Pricing by Weight

A perfect solution for selling products by weight such as rice, sugar, fertilizers, etc. All you have to do is select a weight unit (gram, milligram, kg, Oz, lb, and ton), configure price per unit, and start selling products by its weight. The plugin auto-calculates total price.

Simple Product:


Variable Product:


3. Products Pricing by Area (Sqft)

WooCommerce Price Calculator Plugin allows you to sell products with respect to area. For example, carpets, floor tiles, or land area. Configure a measurement unit (Sq mm, sq meter, Sqft, Sqyd, etc) and per unit price to get started.

Simple Product:


Variable Product:


4. Product Pricing by Box

This plugin also allows you to sell products by box such as box of tiles.



5. Sell Liquids & Volume based Products

WooCommerce Measurement Price calculator is useful for the online stores selling products in liters, milliliters, gallons, cubic yard, cubic meter and volume units. Additionally, you can set up discounted prices for varying measurements in volume.

DEMO – For Liquid Products


DEMO – For Volume Based Products


6. Some More Examples:

  • Wallpapers sold based on the room dimensions. DEMO
  • Land Sold by square meter – DEMO
  • Plots Sold by square foot (Variations) – DEMO

Price Tables & Quantity Based Discounts

With WooCommerce Price Calculator Plugin, you can create pricing table for products that shows a standard price per unit, and a discounted rate for a different measurement ranges on product page.


Note: Pricing table is not supported with variable products.

Pricing Table to Set Normal & Sale Price for Various Measurement Ranges

Configure measurement ranges and set normal and sale price for each range. The prices will be displayed on front end to motivate customer to buy in large quantities to avail maximum discount.


How to Manage Stock with WooCommerce Price Calculator

WooCommerce price calculator plugin lets you manage the stock of your products and variations as well.

Manage Stock

Set Min/Max Order Quantity of Products and Variations

You can set the minimum and maximum order quantity for products and variations.

Set Min/Max Order Quantity


More Features of WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator:

  • Set custom labels for each input field
  • Define measurement unit for each input field
  • 6 default units of measurements


1. Can my customer measure the prices for only display purpose?

Ans. Yes, the users can enter measurement to see the prices and later on they can add to cart.

2. Rather than asking 2 dimensions (LxH) for sqft from customers, can we just ask total sqft value with this plugin?

Ans. Yes, you can do this by using single dimension in our plugin.

3. Does this plugin support product variations?

Ans. Yes, it supports product variations.

How to Install WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin?

  1. Download the Zip file of this plugin.
  2. Unzip inside which you will find the Plugins files.
  3. Install the WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator.
  4. Activate the Plugin.
  5. Now the plugin is ready to use.

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Description in Dautch

WooCommerce meet prijs calculator plugin neemt de meting van de klant om de prijs te berekenen op basis van lengte, oppervlakte (sqft), volume, gewicht en doos. U kunt producten van variabele grootte verkopen volgens hun afmetingen zoals lengte, oppervlakte (Sqft), volume en gewicht. Perfecte prijs oplossing voor de verkoop van jaloezieën, behang, vloeistoffen, vloerbedekking, enz. in de winkel.

WooCommerce Prijsc alculator stelt u in staat om producten te verkopen op basis van prijzen per eenheid (Prijs per meter, voet, Sqft, Kubieke meter, Mijl, Kilometer, etc). In plaats van de klant te dwingen om producten in vaste maten of hoeveelheden te kopen, laat hem of haar zijn of haar meting invoeren en bereken de exacte prijs op basis van zijn of haar input.

  • Producten verkopen per gebied, volume, gewicht en doos
  • Voegt prijscalculator toe aan productpagina’s
  • Producten per doos verkopen
  • Ondersteunt variabele producten
  • Toon Prijstabel in Product Tabblad
  • Definieer meeteenheden voor producten zoals meter, voet, vierkante meter, kg, etc.
  • Prijslabel en -eenheden aanpassen aan uw wensen
  • Verbeterde gebruikersinterface
  • Voorraadbeheer
  • Stel Min/Maximale bestelhoeveelheid voor product & variaties in.
  • WPML-compatibiliteit
  • Compatibel met ExtendonsWooCommerce Product Opties Plugin

Description in French

Le plugin de calculateur de prix de WooCommerce prend la mesure du client pourcalculer le prix basé sur la longueur, la surface (mètrescarrés), le volume, le poids et la boîte. Vous Pouvez Vendre des produits de taille variable enfonction de leurs dimensions telles que la longueur, la surface (Sqft), le volume et le poids. Des solutions de prix parfaites pour la vente enmagasin de stores, papiers peints, liquides, revêtements de sol, etc.

Le calculateur de prix WooCommerce vouspermet de vendre des produits en fonction du prix unitaire (prix au mètre, encentimètres, au mètrecarré, à la courcubique, au mille, au kilomètre, etc). Au lieu d’obliger le client à acheter des produits dans des taillesou des quantités fixes, laissez-les entrer sur mesure et calculer le prix exact sur la base de leursdonnées.

  • Vendre des produits par surface, volume, poids et boîte
  • Ajouter Une Calculatrice de prix aux pages de produits
  • Vendre les produits par boîte
  • Supporte les produits variables
  • Afficher le tableau des prix dans l’onglet Produit
  • Définir les unités de mesure pour des produits comme le mètre, le pied, la courcarrée, le kg, etc.
  • Personnaliser L’étiquette de prix et les unités
  • Interface utilisateur améliorée
  • Gestion des stocks
  • Définir la quantité minimum/maximum de commande pour le produit et les variations
  • Compatibilité WPML
  • Compatible avec Extendons WooCommerce Plugin options produits

Description in Italian

Il plug-in calcolatore di prezziWooCommerce prende le misure dal cliente per calcolare il prezzo in base a lunghezza, area (sqft), volume, peso e scatola. È possibile vendere prodotti di dimensioni variabili in base alle loro dimensioni quali lunghezza, area (quadrato), volume e peso. Soluzioni di prezzi perfette per la vendita di tende, sfondi, liquidi, pavimenti, ecc.

Il calcolatore di prezzi di WooCommerce ti consente di vendere prodotti in base al prezzo unitario (prezzo per metro, piede, metro quadrato, metro cubo, miglio, chilometro, ecc.). Invece di forzare il cliente ad acquistare prodotti in dimensioni o quantità fisse, lascia che inseriscano loro la misura e calcolino il prezzo esatto in base al loro input.

  • Vendi prodotti per area, volume, peso e scatola
  • Aggiunge il calcolatore dei prezzi alle pagine dei prodotti
  • Vendi prodotti per scatola
  • Supporta prodotti variabili
  • Mostra tabella prezzi nella scheda prodotto
  • Definisce unità di misura per prodotti come metro, piede, metro quadrato, kg, ecc.
  • Personalizza etichetta e unità di prezzo
  • Interfaccia utente migliorata
  • Gestione delle scorte
  • Imposta quantità di ordini min / max per prodotto e variazioni
  • Compatibilità WPML
  • Compatibile con Extendons WooCommerce Plugin Opzioni Prodotto

Description in Spanish

El plugin calculadora de precios para WooCommerce permite al cliente calcular el precio según la longitud, el área (pies cuadrados), el volumen, el peso y la caja. Puedes vender productos de tamaño variable según sus dimensiones como la longitud, el área (pies cuadrados), el volumen y el peso. Una solución de fijación de precios perfecta para tiendas que venden persianas, papel pintado, líquidos, suelos, etc.

El plugin calculadora de precios para WooCommerce te permite vender los productos según el precio por unidad (precio por metro, pies, pies cuadrados, yardas cúbicas, millas, kilómetros, etc.). En lugar de obligar al cliente a comprar los productos en tamaños o cantidades fijos, déjalos introducir sus medidas y calcular el precio exacto según su entrada.

  • Vende productos por área, volumen, peso y caja
  • Añade una calculadora de precios a las páginas de los productos
  • Vende productos por cajas
  • Soporte productos variables
  • Muestra el listado de precios en la pestaña de productos
  • Define las medidas de unidad para los productos, incluyendo metros, pies, yardas cuadradas, kg, etc.
  • Personaliza las etiquetas y unidades de precio
  • Interfaz de usuario mejorada
  • Gestión de stock
  • Establece la cantidad mínima/máximade pedido para los productos y sus variaciones
  • Compatibilidad con WPML
  • Compatible con el plugin de opciones de productos deExtendons para WooCommerce

Description in German

WooCommerce Preisrechner-Plugin nimmt die Messung vom Kunden, um den Preis basierend auf Länge, Fläche (Sqft), Volumen, Gewicht und Box zu berechnen. Sie können Produkte unterschiedlicher Größe entsprechend ihrer Abmessungen wie Länge, Fläche (Sqft), Volumen und Gewicht verkaufen. Perfekte Preisgestaltung für Geschäfte, die Jalousien, Tapeten, Flüssigkeiten, Bodenbeläge usw. verkaufen.

Der WooCommerce Preisrechner ermöglicht es Ihnen, Produkte basierend auf dem Preis pro Einheit zu verkaufen (Preis pro Meter, Fuß, Quadratmeter, Kubikmeter, Meile, Kilometer, etc.). Anstatt den Kunden zu zwingen, Produkte in festen Größen oder Mengen zu kaufen, lassen Sie ihn seine Maße eingeben und den genauen Preis auf der Grundlage seiner Eingaben berechnen.

  • Verkaufen Sie Produkte nach Fläche, Volumen, Gewicht und Box
  • Fügt den Preisrechner zu den Produktseiten hinzu
  • Produkte nach Box verkaufen
  • Unterstützt variable Produkte
  • Preistabelle im Produkt-Tab anzeigen
  • Definieren Sie Maßeinheiten für Produkte wie Zähler, Fuß, Quadratmeter, kg, etc.
  • Anpassen des Preisschildes und der Einheiten
  • Verbesserte Benutzeroberfläche
  • Lagerverwaltung
  • Min/Max Auftragsmenge für Produkt & Variationen einstellen
  • WPML-Kompatibilität
  • Kompatibel mit Erweiterungen WooCommerce Produktoptionen Plugin

Change Log

Version 1.9.0 Updated:
Some JS error fix.
Version 1.8.0:
New Feature Added:
1) Compatible with WPML.
2) Compatible with Extendons WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Plugin, Add Custom Product Options.
3) Stock Management
4) Variation Stock Management  
5) Min and Max quantity.
6) Variation Min and Max Quantity.
7) UI Improvement.
Version 1.7.0:
New Feature Added:
1) Single dimension along with total dimension is shown on cart, checkout, order and invoices.
Version 1.6.0:
Bug Fixed:
1) Fix issue with the Pricing Label
Version 1.5.0:
Update some hooks according to new version of WC.
Version 1.4.0:
New Features Added:
1) Compatibility with Variable Products.
Version 1.3.0:
Bug Fixed:
1) Bug fix, header already sent message when activate module.
Version 1.2.0:
Bug Fixed:
1) Some bug fixes with single dimension.
Version 1.1.0:
Bug Fixed:
1) Pricing table delete issue in admin.
2) Restrict users to add only numbers, dot and comma.

New Features added:
1) Following languages translations has been added.
German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch 
Version 1.0.0
Initial release of pluign



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