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WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro

WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro



WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro - 1

This is an extension for the UserPro Profiles Plugin for WordPress.

WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro - 2

User Bookmarks plugin will allow users to bookmark any content they want, categories, posts, forum topics, custom posts, and also manage their bookmarks into collections. The plugin offers a simple way to show the bookmarks and bookmark widget and can be integrated into any theme.

WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro - 3

  • Works with any custom post type!
  • Users can create their favourite collections and choose to set them up as private or public (visible to all)
  • Ajax-powered, very fast execution!
  • Show the bookmark widget via dynamic sidebar widget
  • Show the bookmark widget via automatic mode below post content (You can customize which post types are allowed and exclude certain posts)
  • Show the bookmark widget via shortcode [userpro_bookmark]
  • Users can manage their collections and view bookmarks with a simple shortcode: [userpro_bookmarklist]
  • Shortcodes/PHP methods to display the bookmark widget/collections
  • Comes with its own API for advanced use!
  • Users can favorite or bookmark posts, products, forum topics as well as any custom post types!

    WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro - 4

    A Sidebar widget to bookmark any content, add new collection, and remove a bookmarked post!

    WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro - 5

    You can enable auto-embedding of Bookmark widget on all post types you WANT via admin settings!

    WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro - 6

    A simple shortcode [userpro_bookmarklist] that can be embedded anywhere to allow user to manage his bookmarks and view/access them easily via ajax.

    WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro - 7

    Admin settings to enable the bookmarking on these post types you want only, and exclude specific posts from being bookmarked too, plus many other customization options to tweak the text, and so on.

    WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro - 8

    Allow entire collections to be removed, or give user the choice to keep bookmarks and remove the collection!

    WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro - 9

    You can embed the bookmark widget via shortcode (in addition sidebar widget and automatic embedding):


    Or via php API:

    global $userpro_fav;
    echo $userpro_fav->bookmark();

    So simple. And you can also embed the collections via shortcode:


    or via php API

    global $userpro_fav;
    echo $usrepro_fav->bookmarks();

    There are a bunch of options that can be customized via shortcode, the same settings that are available in tool settings are customizable via shortcode, so you can rename bookmark to favorite or translate it to your language.

    This tool is fully localized too!


    Version 4.0.2(24 Apr 2018)
        - Fixed bug : Users can't see each others public bookmarks
        - Fixed bug : Current user can't see private bookmarks on his profile
    Version 4.0.1(04 Aug 2017)
        - Fixed bug : Urgent bug fix
    Version 4.0(04 Aug 2017)
        - Enhancement : Bookmark count column is now made sortable
    Version 3.9(24 May 2017)
        - New Feature : Collections can be displayed in Grid Layout ( Use the shortcode as follows - [userpro_bookmarklist layout="grid"] )
    Version 3.8(31 Mar 2017)
        - Enhancement : The bookmark count is updated with AJAX after bookmarking the post
        - Enhancement : Administrator can now limit the number of collections to be created by users
        - Enhancement : Administrator can now limit the number of posts to be bookmarked in one collection
    Version 3.7(12 Sep 2016)
        - New Feature : Added auto update
    Version 3.6(26 Aug 2016)
        - Fixed Bug : Bookmark count not displayed correctly
        - Fixed Bug : More than one collections showing as selected at a time 
    Version 3.5(20 June 2016)
        - Enhancement : Added configurable setting for displaying Heart Icon for bookmarking the content to Default Collection
        - Enhancement : Added option for Administrator to create multiple collections
    Version 3.4(15 April 2016)
        - Enhancement : Added Bookmark widget in Profile Customizer for UserPro Dashboard
    Version 3.3(02 Feb 2016)
        - New feature : Added configurable setting for displaying bookmark widget in popup
    Version 3.2(07 Jan 2016)
        - New feature : Added configurable setting for enabling/disabling creating new collection
    Version 3.1(23 Dec 2015)
        - New feature : Added configurable option in backend to display the Social buttons on the collection
        - Fixed Bug   : Social Share button not displaying on changing collection
    Version 3.0(11 Dec 2015)
        - New feature : User can now share their private bookmarks on social media
    Version 2.9(9 Nov 2015)
        - New feature : Now Bookmark Count is displayed in the WordPress Posts page
    Version 2.8(3 Nov 2015)
        - New feature : Added configurable option in backend to display the Login and Registration forms in popup
    Version 2.7(26 Oct 2015)
        - New feature : Added widget( UserPro - Top 5 bookmarks ) to show top five bookmarked post
    Version 2.6(13 Oct 2015)
         - New feature : Now single post can be bookmarked into multiple collections , added setting in admin panel to enable/disable this feature
    Version 2.5(22 Sep 2015)
         - New feature :Admin can now decide whether heart icon should be displayed on bookmark widget or not
    Version 2.4(15 Sep 2015)
         - New feature :Administrator can reset to factory settings by clearing all users bookmarks and bookmark collections
    Version 2.3(27 Aug 2015)
         - Fixed :Public bookmarks displaying multipletime in the collectionlist  
    Version 2.2(22 July 2015)
        - Administrator can now decide whether to display public bookmarks to guests user (Given setting at backend) 
    Version 2.1(12 Jun 2015)
       - Added Feature to automatic updates
       - Added feature to display users public bookmarks on the profile page
    Version 2.0(01 Apr 2015)
       - Enhanced security
       - Admin can now decide whether category bookmarking should be allowed or not
    Version 1.9(5 Mar 2015)
        - Fixed : Bookmarks incorrectly added twice in newly created collection, even when nothing is added in it 
    Version 1.8(27 Feb 2015)
        - Added feature to display the avatar of users who has bookmarked the post 
    Version 1.7 (20 Feb 2015)
        - Added feature to display the number of times the post has been bookmarked.
    Version 1.6 (31 Jan 2015)
        - Added feature to mark new collection public or private. Use [userpro_publicbookmark] to display public bookmarks.
    Version 1.5 (4 Dec 2014)
        - Added feature to bookmark category.
    Version 1.4.1 (13 Nov 2014)
        - Fixed Bug for Add Bookmark.
    Version 1.4 (17 Oct 2014)
        - Fixed IE11 Compatibility issue.
    Version 1.0 (25 Dec 2013)
        - Initial Version of the Bookmarks Addon for UserPro.


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