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WPAchievements Features

WPAchievements New Release

WPAchievements Icons and Badges

WPAchievements is a powerful WordPress Achievements, Quests & Ranks Plugins. It is a perfect extension for your WordPress powered website to improve your user’s experiences and increase user interactivity. With WPAchievements you can create and manage user achievements, quests and ranks with ease. WordPress Gamification has never been so easy!

Let’s take a look at the features that WPAchievements (WordPress Gamification Plugin) provides:

Unlimited Achievements & Quests

You can create as many Achievements & Quests for your users as you want, the only limitation is your imagination! A set of images for achievements and quests is already included so you can start immediately.


For each achievement you can set a trigger, limit it to a rank and choose if it is recurring. Recurring means that this achievement can be achievement multiple times.

Create Achievement

Additionally you can award achievements by entering special activity codes. You can set a unique code per achievement. This could be useful if you want to award achievements for visiting special “real life” events.

WPAchievements Activity Codes


A Quest is a more complex task that a user needs to complete. WPAchievements allows you to set an unlimited number of tasks per quest.

Create Quest

Interactive Quest Steps

Unlimited Ranks

You can create unlimited ranks for your users to help promote user activity!

Manage Ranks

WPAchievements keeps track of your user’s points and allocate them to the ranks that you create.

Achievement & Quests page

All your Achievements & Quests are displayed on a custom created page so your users can compare what they have unlocked and discover what is left to gain.

WPAchievement Page

Shortcode Editor

The new Shortcode Editor allows you to add and mange WPAchievements shortcodes with ease. You don’t need to read the documentation in order to use the shortcodes anymore. Just configure the desired chortcode and click on “Insert Shortcode”.

WPAchievements Shortcode Editor

Social Sharing

Whenever a user gains a new achievement they have the ability to share that achievement via Facebook and/or Twitter! This is optional and can be deactivated.

Achievement & Quest Rewards

A very nice pop up notification will inform a user when he unlocks an achievement or solve a quest.

WPAchievements Pop Up Notifications

BuddyPress / Youzer Integration

WPAchievements will nicely integrate with BuddyPress and Youzer. It will extend the user profile page and show users Achievement, Quests and Rank. Additionally you can use WPAchievements Shortcodes on Youzer custom widgets to display user achievemnets, quests and rank. WPAchievements is able to publish accomplished Achievements & Quests to users activity stream automatically!

BuddyPress and Youzer


At the reports dashboard you will get an detailed information about your site activity. Track user actions and progress to be able to optimize your site.

WPAchievements New Release

Restrict Content – Lock away premium content!

WPAchievements gives you the ability to lock entire content or parts of posts and pages so that only users that have gain a special achievement, solved a defined quest or reached the needed rank will be able to see them.

Lock parts of your content

Here is an example of restricted part of a premium content by required achievement. You can do the same for quests and ranks, too!

Restrict Content

Here is an example of restricted page. Only user with required rank will be able to see the full content.


User and Point Management

The site administrator is able to manage the user points and achievement easily by using the WordPress user backend function. You are able to check and adjust the user points, achievements and quests.

User Management

Multisite / Network Management

WPAchievement allows you to create global Achievements and Quests across your Multisite installation. For example you can award users for reading a specific post/page on a specific blog. You can also create quests like: Visit a specific post on the first blog then login into the second blog and visit a page on a third blog.

Additionally you can create global achievements like vist a blog post on any blog to get an achievement.

Custom Widgets

WPAchievement comes with several useful widgets, so you can display leaderbords and user achievements everywhere. Following Widgets are available:

  • Leaderboard: Shows a leaderboard of achievements gained by users.
  • My Achievements: Shows a list of achievements gained by the user.
  • My Quests: Shows a list of quests gained by the user.
  • My Rank: Shows the current rank of the user.

Custom Shortcodes

You are able to use plugin shortcodes to show special and customized plugin output in posts and pages on your site. Following shortcodes are available:

  • [wpa_achievements] Copy this to any post/page to display all available achievements.
  • [wpa_quests] Copy this to any post/page to display all available quests.
  • [wpa_myachievements] Copy this to any post/page to display a list of achievement images that the user has gained.
  • [wpa_rank_achievements] Copy this to any post/page to display a list of achievement available for the choosen rank.
  • [wpa_myquests] Copy this to any post/page to display a list of quest images that the user has gained.
  • [wpa_myranks] Copy this to any post/page to display the current rank information of the user.
  • [wpa_mypoints] Copy this to any post/page to display current points of the user.
  • [wpa_leaderboard_list] Copy this to any post/page to display an unformatted leaderboard list.
  • [wpa_custom_achievement] Copy this to any post/page to trigger a custom achievement.
  • [wpa_leaderboard_widget] Copy this to any post/page to display a standard leaderboard.
  • [wpa_leaderboard] Copy this to any post/page to display an advanced leaderboard data table.
  • [wpa_activity_code] Copy this to any post/page to display an input form for activity code validation.
  • [wpa_quest_steps] Copy this to any post/page to display the interactive quest progress map.
  • [wpa_achievement] Displays an individual achievement description on any page or post.
  • [wpa_quest] Displays an individual quest description on any page or post.
  • [wpa_if_achievement] Conditional Shortcode – Display the content if the user has gained a certain achievement.
  • [wpa_if_quest] Conditional Shortcode – Display the content if the user has solved a certain quest.
  • [wpa_if_rank] Conditional Shortcode – Display the content if the user has reached a specific rank.

Please check the Plugin’s FAQ page for full documentation for available shortcodes.

Settings Backend

The new structure of the settings backend allows you a clear and well organized options area.

Settings General

Automated Plugin Updates

Nowadays it is very important to keep your WordPress site and plugins updated. Every day new security fixes are released and it takes a lot of work to keep all plugins up to date manually. This will allow you to update the plugin comfortable from the WordPress backend. Just enter your CodeCanyon purchase code in the plugin options and enable the power of the new update function.

WPAchievements Key Features

  • Add Achievements & Quests to your website for a wide range of activities
  • Reward users with points when they gain Achievements & Quests
  • Restrict content by gained achievements, solved quests or user ranks
  • Responsive Custom Achievements Page
  • Publish to a user’s BuddyPress stream when they gain Achievements & Quests
  • Achievements & Quests can be shared to users Facebook and Twitter
  • Add and Manage Ranks to your website
  • Limit Achievements to specific Ranks
  • Publish to a user’s BuddyPress stream when they gain a new Rank
  • Lock content so only specific Ranks can view it
  • Easily manage each of your users Achievements
  • Achievements post directly to the users wall
  • Create site wide Achievements and Quests across your multisite/network installation
  • Easily translate WPAchievements into the language of your choice
  • Update function via the WordPress backend
  • Youzer integration

Supported Plugins

This WordPress Achievements Plugin comes complete with a list of user events that you can link achievements and/or points to, this enables you to reward your users for being active. Here is a list of supported plugins and the event triggers that are associated:

WPAchievements Plugin Integrations

Default WordPress

  • User first registers
  • User logins in
  • User adds a new post
  • Users post is removed
  • User Adds a new comment
  • Users comment is removed
  • User visits a specific or any post
  • User visits a specific or any page


  • The users creates a new forum
  • The users edits a forum
  • The users deletes a forum
  • User creates a new forum topic
  • The users closes a topic
  • The users merges two topics together
  • The users splits a topic into multiple topics
  • The users marks a topic as sticky
  • The users stops a topic being sticky
  • User creates a forum reply
  • The users deletes a reply

BP Gallery

  • User uploads to a gallery
  • User deletes from a gallery


  • User uploads an avatar
  • User sends a message
  • User adds a new friend
  • User removes a friend
  • User adds an update
  • User creates a reply
  • User removes an update
  • User creates a group
  • User deletes a group
  • User joins a group
  • User leaves a group
  • User creates a group reply
  • User uploads a group avatar
  • User creates a new group forum topic
  • User creates a new group forum post
  • User edits a group forum post

  • BuddyPress Links
    • The user adds a link
    • The user votes on a link
    • The user comments on a link
    • The user delets a link


    • The user connects their Facebook account to BuddyStream
    • The user connects their Flickr account to BuddyStream
    • The user connects their account to BuddyStream
    • The user connects their Twitter account to BuddyStream
    • The user connects their YouTube account to BuddyStream

    GD Star Rating

    • The user adds a rating

    Gravity Forms

    • The user submits a form

    Invite Anyone

    • The user invites someone
    • The users invitation is accepted


    • The user completes an order


    • The user passes a quiz
    • The user fails a quiz
    • The user gets 100% on a quiz
    • The user completes a lesson
    • The user completes a course


    • User joins a contest
    • User takes part in a contest
    • User wins a prize in a contest


    • User plays a Game
    • User submits a score
    • User gets a highscore
    • User earns a medal


    • The user passes a quiz
    • The user fails a quiz
    • The user gets 100% on a quiz
    • The user completes a lesson
    • The user completes a course


    • The user adds a forum post
    • The users forum post is deleted
    • The user creates a forum topic
    • The users forum topic is deleted
    • The user rates a forum post
    • The users forum post rating is removed
    • The users forum post is rated by another user
    • The users forum post rating by another is removed
    • The user creates a forum poll
    • The user votes in a forum poll
    • The users forum poll receives a vote

    Ultimate Member

    • User profile update
    • User account update
    • User logs in
    • User Account approved
    • User Account is inactive
    • Remove user profile photo
    • Remove user cover photo
    • Change profile photo
    • Change cover photo


    • The user follows another user
    • The user is followed by another user


    • The user completes an order
    • The user spends at least XXX amount


    • The user passes a quiz
    • The user gets 100% on a quiz
    • The user completes a module
    • The user completes a course

    WP e-Commerce

    • The user sets up a PayPal Subscription
    • The user completes checkout

    WP Favorite Posts

    • User favorites a post
    • User removes a post from their favorites


    • User started course
    • User submit finished course
    • The course was evaluated
    • The user subscribed a course
    • The course was resetted
    • The user retaken a course
    • The user reviewed a course
    • The user unsubscribed a course
    • The course was renewed
    • User completes unit
    • User earned a certificate
    • User earned a badge
    • User starts quiz
    • User submits quiz
    • The quiz was evaluated
    • The user retaken a quiz
    • The quiz was resetted
    • User starts assignment
    • User submits assignment
    • User evaluated assignment

    Missing your Plugin

    If you didn’t find a plugin in the long list of supported plugins please feel free to contact us. We will be happy and willing to add support for the requested plugin. Use the chance to keep your site interesting for your users.

    Latest Release Changelogs

    v8.12.3 - 2019-02-04
      - New: Generate a quest step description automatically if no custom description has been defined
      - Fix: Quest completed action not triggered correctly
      - Fix: Quest progress shows the progress of logged in user instead of displayed user
      - Fix: WPCourseware add quiz id for the achievement doesn't show up
      - Fix: Youzer PHP Warningmessages
      - Fix: Saving shortcodes in post/pages
      - Tweak: Optimized uninstall routine. Add "define( 'WPACHIEVEMENTS_REMOVE_ALL_DATA', true );" to wp-config.php to remove all data during uninstall
    v8.12.2 - 2018-11-07
      - New: BuddyPress - Recurring points for activities
      - Fix: WooCommerce - Assigning Points to wrong customer
      - Fix: Adjustments on the Admin Bar
      - Fix: MyCRED - Points awarded twice for Achievements
    v8.12.1 - 2018-10-27
      - Tweak: Init hooks earlier to avoid conflicts with some Themes and Plugins
      - Tweak: Optimized CSS on quest edit page
      - Fix: WooCommerce - Order limit displayed on quests if not a WooCommerce action has been selected
    v8.12.0 - 2018-10-26
      - New: BuddyPress - Badges tab on user pofile page
      - New: BuddyPress / Youzer - Custom Widgets/Shortcodes will show points, ranks, achievements and quests from displayed user and not from logged in user
      - New: Award achievements to users directly from achievements edit page
      - New: Option to allow negative points
      - Fix: Youzer - PHP Notice: Undefined variable: username
      - Fix: Youzer - Wrong Rank displayed on member overview pages
      - Tweak: BuddyPress - Removed achievements from the profile header
    v8.11.3 - 2018-09-29
      - New: Shortcode to display user points [wpa_mypoints]
      - Fix: Issue with User Pro when assigning achievements manually
      - Fix: Achievement parameter for 'wpachievements_admin_add_achievement' action
    v8.11.2 - 2018-09-07
      - Fix: Undefined variable myranks if wpa_myrank shortcode is used without title
      - Fix: Can't hide title for wpa_myachievements shortcode
    v8.11.1 - 2018-09-05
      - Fix: Default setting value for achievement page
      - Fix: Display available Achievements and Quests on every page if "None" is selected
    v8.11.0 - 2018-09-05
      - New: Completely reimplemented and fully responsive [wpa_achievements] and [wpa_quests] outputs
      - New: 6 Ultimate Member Triggers added:
        + User Account approved
        + User Account is inactive
        + Remove user profile photo
        + Remove user cover photo
        + Change profile photo
        + Change cover photo
      - New: Ultimate Member settings options extended
      - Tweak: Shortcodes [wpa_myachievements] & [wpa_myquests] generates responsive output
      - Tweak: Widget "My Achievements" & "My Quests" generates responsive output
      - Tweak: Shortcode [wpa_achievements] & [wpa_quest] output message if no achievement or quest is available
    v8.10.0 - 2018-08-11
      - New: Conditional shortcodes to display content dependent of gained achievements, solved quests and user rank
      - New: Shortcodes to display certain achievements or quests on any page/post
      - Tweak: A lot of code quality and security improvements. We achieved grad A certificate by Codacy!
      - Fix: Removed depraceted JQuery functions (.live)
    v8.9.0 - 2018-06-27
      - New: Youzer integration
      - New: Option to disable pop up notifications
      - Tweak: Massive database queries improvements and plugin speed up
      - Fix: Shortcode editor uses incorrect trigger for custom achievements
      - Fix: Quests can't be completed on very special conditions
      - Fix: Page view activity counted multiple times
      - Fix: Use of a deprecated jQuery function
      - Fix: JS synthax error at the pop up notifications
      - Fix: Ultimate Member integration stopped working after last Ultimate Member update
      - Fix: Content alignment at My Rank Widget
      - Fix: Conflicts with animated CSS class
    v8.8.0 - 2018-04-14
      - New: Shortcode Editor to make it easy to add shortcodes
      - New: Show a "Gained by" box on achievements/quest edit page
      - Fix: Leaderboard shows incorrect user avatars
      - Tweak: Removed supported plugins page
    v8.7.1 - 2018-04-03
      - Fix: Reports page not displayed after plugin updated
    v8.7.0 - 2018-04-02
      - New: Ultimate-Member Module integration
      - New: WPLMS Module integration
      - New: Settings for user profile columns
      - New: Reports page with user activities
      - Fix: Buddypress Join Group Activity
      - Fix: WooCommerce Integration use of depraceted functions
      - Fix: WooCommerce Points and Rewards integration
    v8.6.0 - 2018-03-23
      - New: Award an achievement for commenting on a specific post
      - New: Option to deduct points on every activity or achievement
      - Fix: Fixed text parts which haven't been translatable on achievements page
      - Fix: Activity code trigger description text on achievements overview page
      - Fix: Smaller CSS fixes
    v8.5.1 - 2018-03-17
      - Fix: Leaderboard Shortcode Rank Text not showing correct
      - Fix: Fixed text parts which haven't been translatable
      - Fix: FAQ and Supported Plugins page are not visible
      - Fix: CSS - Activity Code submit button
      - Tweak: Database optimization - Aadd only used activities to the database
      - Tweak: Optimized translation strings
      - Tweak: Reduced frontend CSS file size
    v8.5.0 - 2018-03-03
      - New: 36 awesome new badges added
      - New: 9 awesome rank images added
      - New: Rank image selector
      - Fix: Custom achievements trigger with PHP 7.1.10
      - Fix: style.css added missing brace
      - Fix: PHP Notice: Undefined property at leaderboard shortcode if Buddypress is active
      - Tweak: Display activity dashboard widget on the main blog instead of network admin dashboard
    v8.4.0 - 2018-02-24
      - New: Sensei integration
      - New: Mark gained achievements and solved quests on the overview page
      - New: Shortcodes for "Our Quests" [wpa_quests] and "Our Achievements" [wpa_achievements] added
      - New: Limit quest progress widget visibility to ranks
      - New: Select Quest easily using a Drop Down List in the "Widget - Quest progress" 
      - New: Activity Code Achievements - Display a message if the user has already used a certain activity code
      - Fix: White page while adding achievement from user management page
      - Fix: Activity Code Achievements - Unlock only achievements with specific code (Second Commit)
      - Fix: Recreated language file
    v8.3.1 - 2018-02-14
      - Fix: Show update notice messages only on the main blog of a multisite installation
      - Fix: Activity Code Achievements - Unlock only achievements with specific code
      - Tweak: Improved CSS for quest progress widgets
    v8.3.0 - 2018-01-30
      - New: Award achievements by entering a special "activity code" 
      - New: Interactive quest progress (new shortcode available)
      - New: Widget - Quest progress
      - New: Updated FAQ page
      - New: Fontawesome 5 icons for the interactive quest progress
      - Fix: Custom achievements trigger not working properly
      - Tweak: Removed Cubepoints support (the plugin has not beend updated for more than 5 years)
    v8.2.0 - 2018-01-05
      - New: Create site wide Achievements on a multisite network
      - New: Create site wide Quests on a multisite network
      - New: Responsive Achievements overview
      - New: Option to limit displayed user achievements on bbPress pages
      - New: Award achievements for visiting specific posts or pages
      - Fix: Ranks still displayed even if disabled on buddypress, bbpress user page
    v8.1.0 - 2017-11-06
      - New: PHP 7 compatibility
      - New: WordPress 4.9 compatibility
      - New: Award achievements for page views
      - New: Content lock for pages
      - Fixed: myCRED Integration Notice messages
      - Fixed: Path location for sound files


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