Zalki Hover Image – Plugin jQuery


jQuery Plugin | Zalki Hover Img

Zalki Hover Img – is a jQuery plugin for image hover animations.
Cross browser even IE 7 (even opacity).Easy to use and customize.
Supports thirty animation effects from jQuery Easing.
No need to adjust the size of the container.
The plugin will determine the size of your photos and will automatically adjust the settings,
even if on the same page there are photos of various sizes.You can disable this function.
You can change the appearance of pop-up elements.
You can embed your icons, you can adjust the speed of the animation, you can change the color, shape, size …


  • Script: min version – 7kb
  • Cross browser even IE 7 (even opacity)
  • Automatic determination of the height and width container
  • Simple to use
  • Live preview



  • Version 0.2: more faster functional , new effects, advanced properties

Photos are not included in the template. (photo by Csaba Diglics
Icon by Daniel Bruce (